We are not a kennel. We are a home where Italian Greyhounds live with their people,
and prepare to become AKC show champions and master companions.
Inquires invited from IG lovers whose dogs live in the house and share their lives.
Our dogs are raised in a clean family environment and go into thier new homes
with our lifelong support.

Pedigree's, pictures, and contracts available                          img5.gif (1155 bytes)                        upon request. All dogs are owner handled to                                                                                   their championships.                                                          bert.hutchins@axom.com

Our IG's and children go together

ig's and kids.JPG (205896 bytes)                                  img7.gif (1739 bytes)

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Contact us at:

Shirley Hutchins
12240 L. Green Valley Rd.
Mt. Vernon, OH 43050
Phone: (740)-392-9529

Or contact us at the e-mail address above.

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