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Updated September 10th, 2007!

A new collage has been added to the gallery, featuring Victoria Beckham, aka 'Posh Spice'.

[Canuck opens door, swipes at cobwebs and coughs from all the dust]
Wow, the old site is still up and running, eh? Does anyone even come in here anymore?

Anyway, this September marks the 9th year of this webpage's existance. Thanks for your patronage over the years! This page will always be here for your enjoyment, but I don't have time these days to update as often as I used to.

Be sure to check out The Girls of Chloe Creations.
Special thanks go to Mistress Chloe for the use of her original material in the collages you'll find there.
If you love to watch pretty girls with nice feet and sexy shoes squashing things, then you have to check out Chloe Creations. You won't be disappointed!
While you're there, let her know that you enjoyed the collages I made using her material.


* * *

Welcome to my fantasy world.
It's a place where beautiful, intelligent women are all-powerful; where giantesses stride across the land and men are little more than insects next to them, mere playthings to be used as they see fit.
Some men are fortunate enough to be kept as pets by a gentle giantess, who will treat them kindly. Other little men will simply be crushed underfoot by a rather more evil giantess, either to satisfy a cruel feminine whim or because they were too insignificant to be noticed when she walked over them. There is something strangely exciting about a graceful, beautiful woman who wields such power and displays such cruelty.
Some people will doubtless think that all of this is at worst depraved, or at best just downright weird. And yet other people will find this to be quite erotic.
I'm one of the latter.
Just one man trying to give expression to his little-understood desires through collage art and the written word.

So there you go.
I hope you enjoy your visit. Take time to sign my guestbook on your way out, I'm always interested in knowing what others think about all of this.

Read on MacDuff...

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