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Welcome to my website. My mom is helping me make this page. I picked out the background and graphics by myself.

I play T-Ball right now and really want to play basketball but our schools don't have basketball for us little kids. I love riding my bike and playing with my roller blades when it's really pretty outside. I LOVE Cedar Pointe when we get to go. I want to go there this summer if my mom and step dad can get time off work.

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Thanks Mom!

If you want to see my tweety page just click the award my mom made for me above.

My favorite thing is Tweety Bird. I collect him so if you find any pictures of him you think I would like, Please send them to my moms email.

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I am a member of Net-Buddies as you can see. If you would like to join check out my webrings page, I have a webring for them where you can join.

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