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January 13, 2001
......Thank you for visiting Martinair Virtual Airlines!  We hope that your visit here is a most enjoyable and rewarding one.  We are now accepting applications for pilots in both our Passenger and Cargo Divisions.
     Martinair Virtual Airlines is a Class 1 Virtual Airline and is one of the finest new Virtual Airline on the web today!  Our main goal is to provide our pilots with the most realistic virtual experiance possible.   We hope that you will spend a little time here, get to know us and what we do.  Please feel free to browse around the site....we hope you will enjoy!

     Flights are based on actual Martinair Airlines routes.  This Virtual Airline is for FS5.1(with Flight Shop), FS6 (with converter), FS98 (with converter) and now FS2000.  Martinair Virtual Airlines pilots may also use other simulator programs but their flights may be limited.  An example of other simulators would be ATP - Flight Assignment, Pro Pilot, Flight Unlimited II and X-Plane.

     Much research has gone into the forming of this virtual airline based on the Martinair format.  Kevin Ruhoff created the idea of a virtual airline based on the Martinair theme in late 1999 and after much work was finally able to officially start Martinair Virtual Airlines on March 15, 2000.

     In no way are we affiliated with Martinair Airlines, nor can we obtain any discounts for our virtual pilots.  We are strictly fans of Martinair Airlines, and it's aircraft.  This virtual airline is operated by an avaition buff and simulator enthusiast and Martinair Airlines has no financial or other interest in this venture.
Latest News:
Martinair Virtual Airlines is currently looking for new Pilots and Administration Staff.  If you are interested in helping the VA with Admin duties please contact Management!!
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