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    Konnichi wa minna! Welcome to my page dedicated to the very cute wearers of the 'Armors of Chains' (anyone got any idea as to why they are called that in some sources?), the Samurai Troopers.

    Go wander on through the pages and check out what is here and what is going on. I will be trying to add new pages and images when I have the time, so this page is under some sort of construction, it is just very slow construction.

    Hello Minna!! Okay, I have accessed my site (okay, I lost the information, I don't wanna talk about it... ^_^;...). The update for now is for the Library. In case anyone has noticed, it is moving to a new server, and I am having problems getting my domain name pointed that way, so please change all your links and bookmarks to It is still under construction, so things are a bit messy, but I am working on it (even if you can't see it...)
    One other thing, I now have a shorter URL for this page that you probably need to change too. If you want to, you can change your links to this URL, which is much shorter than my previous one. Besides, yahoo kinda insists.
    Lady Koneko

    Now for some information. First off, some information on yours truly, Shin-Chan! Well, lemmie see, I have been watching anime in general for several years now, since 1991 in fact. I was first introduced to the Troopers via Gai Den and Kikoutei Densetsu in late '92, and have loved them ever since. Needless to say, even though I do like the Ronin Warriors (and love Sai's accent, *sigh*) I am devoted to my boys, the Samurai Troopers. On a more personal note; I am twenty-*cough* years old, born on June 8, so I am a Gemini like Seiji. I have long brown hair, hazle eyes, and of a petite build.

    Second, a basic introduction to Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, for those twelve or so people who haven't seen it or its American counterpart. It first aired in Japan in the spring of 1988. It proved popular enough with the fans (they have good taste) that they expanded the show to a total run of 39 episodes. Aimed at a teenage female audiance (now you know why all the guys are so cute . . .), it is a story about five young men who have to save the world from a demon invasion. Given mystical armor (yoroi) powered by the five elements (fire, water, air, earth and life/nature), they are the only people capable of standing against the Evil Empire. A more complet discription of the show will be in the Samurai Trooper Introductions.

    Calling all Samurai Trooper / Ronin Warriors fans! Visit the great and holy Church of Samurai Troopers!

    The Church of Samurai Troopers

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