Castle Solanium

Center of the Kingdom of Solia

Good morrow, fair friend. My name is Goethren, and I am queen of this realm. I bid you welcome to Solanium. You are my guest here. I would you are treated well. Alas, as I have much to attend to in the proper running of my kingdom, I must allow my good friend and protector Storm to give you a sufficient tour. She's a bit gruff, but a truly loveable person in the end.
Well, what of the news I hear today? I'm supposed to traverse Solanium with you. What a festival this will be. I've been observing you humans. A sorry race, the lot of you. Don't bother me with too many annoying questions and you might survive your little visit with us here. First we go to the Great Room, where the pompous lords and ladies gather to preen and primp, and sometimes truly enjoy the lively entertainment. As you humans are used to a different sort of fun, I've gathered some varied events for you to view. Sit back for awhile and relax.
The Great Room

Life in a royal castle is hardly ever boring, especially for a personal officer to the queen. But sometimes in the winter, when the snow is so deep your horse won't move his tail two feet from the stable, one needs some distraction. Now, I always love a good fight. But often my friend Tyree isn't willing to oblige. He is a stickler for "rules." I have found that your human device called a television provides just enough numbing of the brain to make the long winter hours go by quickly. There are two programs which I particularly enjoy. Go busy yourself with some links, and give me some time to myself, will you?

Ah, Xena, now there's a wench after my own heart. Who else takes such pleasure in a rough and sweaty brawl? Catch up with the Warrior Princess if you can.

The Official MCA Xena: Warrior Princess website
Lucy Lawless Picture Gallery--another Geocities site, check it out
Whoosh! Great critiques of episodes and various articles about the show

I've seen elves, fairies, brownies, and even heard rumor of dragons in all my travels. But creatures from other planets? Unimaginable, until I first watched this television program. Political conspiracies? Now, that part is true, believe me! Have you ever met Goethren's counselors and lords? Avoid it at all costs. Here, visit some of these "X-Files" sites instead.

The Official X-Files series website
Danielle of Geocities' X-Files page with some great pics
The Netpicker's Guide to The X-Files
The X-Museum

We have music here in Solia, but it's nothing like what you humans are accustomed to. The Solians love combat and war. Unfortunately, their music doesn't reflect this. I've come to prefer the human artists. Here are two of my favorites.

That Courtney Love, screeching like a banshee into her microphone. The minstrels crooning their sappy ballads written in honor of their "beautiful queen" have nothing on this woman. She knows how to fight. I can admire that, even in a human. Here are some sites if you want to see more of her.

The Official Label Site
Don't Blush When I Rip You Open--Great pics
Burn Black Hole Page--got my pic from this site, check it out

This group has fun with their music. I'm not one for dancing, but I might imagine it happening with the Squirrel Nut Zippers playing. Only a couple of sites this time, but definitely find some information on your own if you haven't heard these humans play.

Official Site--Mammoth Records

Well, if you're still here, I guess we can move on. Say goodbye to the fire--the rest of the castle isn't nearly as warm. I suppose I could take you on to the kitchens, or maybe to Goethren's chambers. I'm sure she'll love that! Ah, but who is this I see walking this way? It's the captain of the guard himself, Tyree. He would really enjoy explaining our way of life to you simpletons. He has human blood in his veins, you know. Wait here while I bend his ear.

Um, good morrow. I trust you are enjoying your stay, and that Storm hasn't offended you overmuch. She certainly has a way about her, doesn't she? As she has other duties to attend to at this time, walk this way with me awhile. You must have many questions about this land and the way we live.

Click here for an overview of our world

I must apologize for my abruptness, but as I myself am fairly pressed for time, I will take my leave of you here. There is much to learn about our ways, so here are a few places you might want to look. I trust that your stay at Solanium was a good one.

The Middle Ages--a very comprehensive site with lots of information
The Medieval Paige
Gloriana's Court--lots of great links
Carole's Gargoyles
Wytche's Croft

I hope you enjoyed your sojourn, weary traveller. Let me know what you think of my home by signing Andrea's guest book. Please, come back and visit the castle again!

--Queen Goethren

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