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Welcome back to FANTASY ISLAND! A place where things are not always as they seem and the welcoming staff have their own mysterious stories. This is a darker and more sophisticated place as envisioned by executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld.

Malcolm McDowell brings a new magic to the role Mr. Roarke, who has traded in his white jacket for a dark Armani suit, and a dangerous edge to go with it. He welcomes new visitors to a lush setting, where he changes their lives as he fulfils their lifelong dreams. With his wise sense and droll touch, Roarke guides his guests through the most provocative adventures of their lives, but each experience has its price, lending new meaning to the old adage to be careful what you wish for -- you just may get it.

Trips are booked through a rather eerie travel agency, a dim and musty place that seems to exist in no
Travel Agency
particular time. Fisher does as his name suggests, catching unsuspecting prospective guests in his net and sending them off to Fantasy Island. Fisher has a magical ability to divine each person's deepest thoughts and wishes, which are copied down in detail by surly secretary Clia and then whisked by pneumatic tube to Roarke's island office. These papers are essentially Roarke's weekly marching orders, and he does not exactly relish their arrival. While the other staff on the island are in Roarke's service, Fisher is Roarke's nemesis, as week after week he shoots new challenges Roarke's way via tube.

Indeed, the Fantasy Island staffs' ultimate fantasy is to leave this lush place, to which they have all been banished to serve for mysterious reasons that will now never be made entirely clear. Except perhaps by our writers. ABC cancelled Fantasy Island after 13 episodes.


Malcolm McDowell
as Mr. Roarke, the
Master of Fantasy Island.
Within it's boundaries,
he is God - he knows
everything about you and
he knows what you really
Roarke and Ariel Madchen Amick
as Ariel, Roarke's
beautiful assistant and
how much more? Able
to change shape at will,
and with a magic of her
own, Ariel is much
more than she appears.
Edward Hibbert
as Harry, the concierge.
A meticulous and fussy
man, Harry is easily led
into mischief because it's
easier than saying 'no'.
Harry and Cal
Louis Lombardi
as Cal, busboy, bar-
tender, bellhop and any
other odd job that Roarke
sees fit to give him.
Fyvush Finkel
as Fisher, the 'front man',
the one who 'catches'
guests. He likes to find
the ones most likely
to annoy Roarke, and
has his eye on Roarke's
Fisher and Clia
Sylvia Sidney
as Clia, Fisher's
co-worker on the front.
She does the paperwork
and tries to keep Fisher
in line with her razor wit.

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We, the writers represented on this page hereby acknowledge the following: that Fantasy Island is the property of Sonnenfeld Josephson Worldwide Entertainment in association with Columbia TriStar Television. We write these stories for pleasure. No profits were made in the writing of these stories. No copyright infringement intended. These stories are 100% organic, hypo-allergenic, fat-free, not tested on animals.
*may have come into contact with nuts*

That should fulfil the CYA objective.

Teardrops of Love
Written by Lwaxana
My Father's Eyes
Written by Christa
Devil's Tango
A three-universe cross-over, Fantasy Island, Brimstone, and Grendal. Roarke plays host to the Dark side
Written by Barbara 'tHE hERETIC
An unexpected baby and a hidden enemy stir up trouble on the Island.
Written by Christa, IRIS is the first in a series!
Ariel gets a Fantasy for her birthday.
Written by Jezebel
The long awaited sequel to Iris. Sebastian is up to his old tricks, exposing family secrets, and intent on murder. Who has the power to stop him?
Written by Christa
Power Struggle
A sequel to GIFTS, the Powers That Be take Roarke to task when Ariel's fantasy coincides with Roarke's.
Written by Jezebel
Lady of the Night
Out of Ancient Sumer, Lilith has a mission to Fantasy Island - but what is it?
Written by Griddlebone
Kubrick, P.I.
An ex-cop turned private investigator has no choice but to face his past demons.
Written by Andrew Troy Keller
Ariel gets an itch scratched.
Written by Griddlebone.
'PG' On The Other Side of the Mirror
Another look at why Roarke's on Fantasy Island.
Written by Shelley
Rule of Three
Written by Griddlebone
Home Again, Home Again
A guest with amnesia fills a void on the Island.
Written by Snotra
Just how did Roarke get stuck on Fantasy Island?
Written by Griddlebone
This tale is a DNTO 'Romp thru Pop Culture' bred with Fantasy Island, lots of fun!
Written by Jade
Elemental Mirror
Roarke utters an incautious statement...and solves a problem for his alter-ego
Written by Griddlebone
Your Story Could Be Here! 'R' Lesser Mysteries
Sometimes truth hides in the depths of our own desires.
Written by Griddlebone

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Our writers use a number of mythological references, check out our gloss if your mythology is bit rusty!

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