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UPDATE: I have recently gone through and redone the series. The original content remains but I have shifted it around and added some new stuff. So insteal of two long scripts I have made 6 shorter ones. So if you haven't been here for a while please check it out!

"Kalatir" is a series of Science Fiction scipts set in the future. Communism has reared its ugly head and taken over the galaxy. In a great war capitalism is no more. But at a great cost: Almost the entire human population is killed off. And even after the war the power struggle continues. The Communists try to maintain power. The renegade Capitalists are trying to get it back. And caught in the middle are two alien races that inhabit the tenth and eleventh planets of our solar system. Here politics runs head long into greed, deceit and racism. The "Kalatir" series is more than just entertainment, but a cry of our society today and the future! Don't get me wrong. It has plenty of action, romance and things blowing up. The bottom line is that stories can still be fun and educational at the same time. This series is just that. It has more mature themes and darker tones than most of my stuff. If you want to learn more about "Kalatir" then read on.

"Kalatir" is centered around the travels and exploits of Nikolai Solace. A man with visions and dreams of finally commanding his own starship: The Minsk. But his hopes are dashed when he is replaced by Codiozianquy Zqiuvxbiea, a Felinion. An ancient race of Cat-People on the edge of the solor system. This is an insult to Nilolai: Everyone knows Felinions are the scum of the galaxy! Dead beats and loosers. He refuses to let a Felinion grab his promotion. He digs deep into "Codi's" past and what he finds shocks him. This is the spring board of the seires. Each script is interwoven with each other. Things that were certain in the previous aren't so clear in the next. Twisting and turning. You never know where you'll end up. So realistic and deep that "Kalatir" is not just a story but an entire self contained universe. A must for the serious reader. If you have any comments or questions then please Mail Box me.


Kalatir: Trials and Errors!
Kalatir: Fallen Heroes!
Kalatir: Chain Reaction!
Kalatir: Where Evil Dwells!
Kalatir: Aftershocks!

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