Welcome to the ballroom!

Jareth bids you welcome!

Through forests untold, and miles unnumbered, you have fought your way here to the Crystal Ballroom beyond the Goblin City, for your will to party is strong, but Jareth's will to forget is stronger!

Please, follow me, and ignore the clock over there...yes, it does have thirteen hours...

If thou art looking for Sarah, thou shan't find her here. She has left the Labyrinth, and
shall never return. However, I am sure that there is plenty here to thrill and delight you
...go on, look around!

Oh, but allow me to introduce myself! I am Arabella, just one of the many creatures here in this wonderfully terrible place called the Underground. My liege, King Jareth, has charged me to see to thy comfort. If I can but do anything for thee, let me know. Thou canst summon me by clicking here.

Soft! My liege is singing! Alas, he sings of Sarah, the one who broke his heart. *sigh* Oh, but it doth break my heart to hear him sing so...listen to Jareth's song to Sarah.

Ah! but my lord is restless...surely he is thinking of Sarah. What's this? Thou knowest not their story? Might I ask how you found this Ballroom? Never you mind, that is easy fixed! This book shall help you!

Wouldst thou like to view more of the ballroom? Then by all means...follow me.

Or perhaps thou wouldst like to see places outside of the Ballroom? Then follow me here.

The Crystal Ballroom has had guests.

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