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This my site for the television show "Poltergeist: the Legacy". These pages have been lovingly compiled in order to provide viewers and fans with pictures and other information about this great show!

If you don't already know what "Poltergeist: The Legacy" is, then check out the P:TL-related links at the bottom for more information. This page is intended for the "initiated"!


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P:TL Picture Gallery Check out your favorite pictures here ==> UNDER CONSTRUCTION!
P:TL fanfic list drabble Read the ongoing story drabbles from the P:TL fanfic list here
P:TL Information Kiosk Your guide to all the most commonly used terms and phrases pertaining to P:TL
1999 P:TL Calendar Current P:TL Calendar
Last Year's Calendar 1998 P:TL Calendar
Recycled Canadian Actors Do you play "Spot the Canadian Actor"?  Check here to see a list of the actors
that appear most on Canadian shows
P:TL Links Check out these other great P:TL sites
Where to write Want to send someone a letter about P:TL?   An Email?  Go here for adresses


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