NOTHING....on this legacy site at least! I have completely re-designed our Baja Home website, the best darned website in all of Baja. This site is part of the new domain, which is being used for all three of my websites, so change your bookmarks. The entire Baja Home is now up and running. No more ads or other anoyances. It's all on one server. I hope you all like it. Feedback is always encouraged. All the features available on this site have been retained, plus there are new features that include FTP access and trip videos. If you want to find out what's new and read the latest Baja News, you'll have to visit the new site.

From the new site, you can quickly navigate where you want to go from the dropdown menus on the left and go back by just exiting the new windows. I'm keeping this old site on Geocities as a more-or-less mirror. As time goes on, this site will become less of a mirror, as I don't plan to update it much. If you want to keep up to date, you'll need to go to The switch to a new domain was driven by my running out of free webspace. The fact that webhosting has become so reasonably priced made the decision a no-brainer.

This site is out out of space, so you'll have to jump over to the New Baja Home website to check it out! I suggest you upddate your bookmarks to the new site. This site will be retained indefinitely, as the search engines find it frequently, but it's seen it's last update. 06/06/2006

The Old Welcome

Welcome to our Legacy Baja Home website. You might wonder why we have two Home Pages. Funny you'd ask. One reason is that Geocities gives us 15 Meg of free webspace. In return for their generosity, you have to put up with their annoying pop-up advertising. It's a small price to pay, especially since you're the ones paying! In any case, our Baja Home takes up the most space on Dean and Cathy's Cosmic Website, so I transferred it here. If you haven't already checked out the D&CCWS, click here:

Another reason we have two websites is that people seem to care more about Baja than our insulator collection or Cathy's turtles. Imagine that. So, if you really don't give two hoots about us and just want to read about Baja California, you can hit one of the links below.

I started going down to Baja California in 1990. It was Christmas. I was planning on going steelhead fishing up on the Chetco, but the Yukon Express blew into town. This is the year that I saw snow flurries in my backyard here in Poway. I called the Sporthaven in Brookings and asked what the weather was like. "It's colder than a well driller's ass," they said. That's too cold for me. Eddie suggested we go down to Baja California. I took him up on that suggestion, so we did. Our destination was near Las Encantadas, just north of Gonzaga Bay. We went back the 1st week of April 1991. That was the first annual April trip. Cathy and I got together in 1992. We rented a lot in 1994. The Dean and Cathy Baja Home Campo had begun: the rest is history.

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On the pages below, you can view the Baja picts by subject, for instance:

Join my webgroup if you're so inclined. Some interesting stuff is on it that isn't on either of my two websites. This webgroup replaced the old forum I had on BeSeen. It services both Dean & Cathy's Baja Home and Dean & Cathy's Cosmic Website.

The Roamin' Forum

 Our Baja Home website is frequently changed and updated as new trips are posted, and more features are discovered and made available. If you'd like to be added to our Baja Home Update Notification List and get an e-mail telling you when there's more information about the road to Gonzaga Bay, fishing, wildlife viewing, and other goings-on at our campo down in Baja California, hit the button below. The carrier pigeon will be dispatched and you'll instantly be added.

We appreciate comments and corrections. Please let us know if we've incorrectly identified plants or animals. If you like this site, have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi:

e-mail Dean & Cathy

If you don't like this site, if I've offended you, or if you have any criticism or complaints: Kiss My Ass!


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