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Michael's Wisconsin Flight Simulator Page

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Page With A Wisconsin Theme!

Featuring Green Bay And Other Wisconsin Scenery For Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Welcome to Michael's Wisconsin Flight Simulator Page, a virtual history of commercial aviation in the great state of Wisconsin! Here you will find FREE Aircraft and Instrument Panel files for Commercial Airliners that serve the state of Wisconsin, past and present. You will also find FREE Wisconsin Scenery files for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.X, Flight Simulator For Windows 95, Flight Simulator 98 and Flight Simulator 2000. All files are in .ZIP format and require WinZip or a similar utility to open. Also, remember that all aircraft require either BAO Flight Shop or the Microsoft Flight Shop Aircraft/Adventure Converters for either FSFW95 or FS98 (FS2000 comes with it's own converter). I hope that you like what you find here. A lot of great designers and painters have given us their creations freely. Please enjoy and respect their work. If there is an Airline or Airliner that now serves, or has served Wisconsin that is not on this page, please let me know and I will try to add it. Enjoy your flights over Wisconsin and be sure to check back often because I will continually be updating this page.

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Northwest Airlines DC-9-31

What's New...

Last Update 06/01/01 - Back at last! It has been a long, hard semester. Thankfully it is over and I now have time to get back to the hobby. I have added 2 new files to the Aircraft Files page. These are 2 really incredible versions of the Boeing 707. The first new aircraft, which is also the Featured Aircraft Of The Month for June 2001, is a Northwest Orient Airlines Boeing 707-320 in the airline's 1970's livery. The second new aircraft is a Northwest Airlines Boeing 707-351B "Combi" (freight/passenger version) in the airline's 1960's color scheme. Both of these graceful aircraft come to us from the good folks at The Historic Jetliners Group. Both aircraft are optimized for FS2000 and feature full moving parts, night lighting and lots of great detail. I do love the classic jets!

I have updated the Links Page to include a link to The Historic Jetliners Group page. In addition to their new collection of Boeing 707 aircraft they also feature some of the finest DC-8 series aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator I have ever seen. I have also added a link to The International Aircraft Design Group's website. Among the great selection of aircraft on their site is a collection of BAe-146/RJ-85 aircraft that you have to see to believe. I highly recommend a visit to both of these great sites.

If you have not visited Steve Gonwa's "The Penguin Flight Page" site lately I highly recommend that you do so. Steve has recently released Version 1 of his visually incredible Milwaukee, WI scenery for FS2000. You have to see this scenery to believe it. Every detail is there including static aircraft. Steve's site also features his great Eastern Wisconsin scenery for FSFW95 and FS98 (which also includes MKE) as well as many other Midwest sceneries by various designers. 

03/01/01 Update - I have added 2 new files to the Aircraft Files Page. The first new aircraft is what I believe to be finest example of a Boeing 727-200 around. Judging from the reviews I have read at and lately I am not the only person who thinks this way. New to the Aircraft Files Page is an all new FS2000 Northwest Airlines Boeing 727-251 Advanced in the company's current color scheme. The aircraft is a Bill Alicea repaint of the Kevin Trinkle FSDS original as modified by Gary Carlson. It features full night lighting, animation and some outstanding flight dynamics editing by Sam Chin. I have to say, this is one of the finest freeware aircraft for Flight Simulator I have ever seen. A fantastic job by all involved! Not to be overshadowed by the first great new aircraft, I have also added a brand new FS2000 DeHavilland DHC-8 in Northwest Airlink colors (as operated by Mesaba Aviation). This new addition is a repaint of the Chris Bawden/Gerritt Kranenbarg original by Nick Botamer. The aircraft features full animation and night lighting. Another outstanding new aircraft and a great job by all.   

02/07/01 Update - Well, it's been a while, but I'm back. As we all know, real world commitments come before hobbies and I have been very busy lately. Finally I have some time to work on the site and some of those half completed projects that have been sitting stagnant for the past few months. To start off, I have added 3 new files to the Aircraft Files Page. The First new aircraft is a beautiful new FS2K McDonnell Douglas DC-8-32 in the company's 1960's livery from the DC-8 Project Team. This aircraft is an AF99 rework of the Kim Simmelink original by Dee Waldron. It features full animation (by Dee), along with FS2K flight dynamics modeling and textures by Michael Verlin and night lighting by Yannick Charland. A stunning aircraft and a great job by all. I have also added a couple of really nice new FS2K Embraer ERJ-145 Regional Jets in both American Eagle and Continental Express liveries. These aircraft were a joint effort between Rafael Hidd, Felipe Taveira, and the Project Freeware Group. Both aircraft feature full animation and night lighting. 

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Some really great folks that I would like to thank.

* A very special thank you to the San Diego gang, Tom Gibson, Kevin Trinkle, Frank Safranek and Guy Caron. These gentlemen are the best of the best and it is a great privilege to be associated with them. I wish to thank each of them for their support and their friendship.   

* A very special thanks to Ed Augustine (President/CEO and former Wisconsin resident) at the great Northwest Virtual Airlines Page for all of his support of my hobby. Ed was the first and I will always remember and be grateful for it. I also wish to thank him for the distinction of being named as an honorary member of Northwest Virtual Airlines.

* Special thanks to my good friend Paul Conley for his spirit of sharing and helping others and for inspiring me to try something new. This man has done a lot to make the flightsim community a much better place. I also want to thank him for having enough faith in my abilities to make me an associate at

* Special thanks to Kim Simmelink (Master Aircraft Designer and Wisconsin resident) at Project Freeware for his kind words about my site and for his permission to use some of Project Freeware's fantastic aircraft on this site.

* A great many thanks to my good friend Steve Kempf. If it were not for his spirit of sharing and helping others, many of the fine aircraft repaints on this page would not have been possible.

* Special thanks to Steve Gonwa (Wisconsin resident) at The Penguin Flight Page for his faithful support of my Green Bay scenery, my aircraft repaints and my site.

* Special thanks to John Voznak for bringing us his fantastic Western Wisconsin Scenery and for adding a link to my site from his great page.

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