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    I live in Savannah, Georgia.this is a shot of Sav.International,

    You should try flying ther its about 30 mins(flight time) from Atlanta.
    Here are some planes i have. Hope you like them.Most are classics but aren't so fast you can't controll them and they are fun to fly!!!AND PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!
    I am starting on a new plane each week it will be featured here.A new one every week.
    F-14B TomcatDownload
    Here is a squadron im the leader of in cfs click on the pic!!!
      Aircraft types
    1. MilitaryMilitary Aircraft
    2. HistoricalWorld War 2 Era aircraft
    3. SpecialsSpecials
    4. C-130'sC-130's
    5. Non-MilitaryCivilian Aircraft
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