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Margaret HATCHE was born about 1600.62 Parents: William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN.

Spouse: . William WOOD and Margaret HATCHE were married.815

Mary HATCHE was born about 1602.62 Parents: William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN.

Spouse: . William SUDELL and Mary HATCHE were married on 13 Feb 1627/28 in , Kennington, Kent, England.815

Son HATCHE was born about 1605.62 Parents: William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN.

Son HATCHE was born about 1628 in , of Wye, Kent, England. He was buried on 31 Jul 1628 in , Wye, Kent, England.38,812 Parents: William HATCHE and Jane YOUNG.

Stephen HATCHE was born about 1532 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.63 He died about 1606 in , , Kent, England.63 STEPHEN, the testator of 1606 b probably abt. 1532; d. a.p.between 10 Dee. 1606 and 9 Mar. 1607/8; in. by licence of 5 Dec. 1603 perhaps as his second wife, ELIZABETH GOLDSMITH of Maidstone, oo. Kent. dau. of John and Ann. She in. (2) by licence of 11 Aug. 1608 Samuel Pady of Maidatone, gentleman. Stephen Hatche is mentioned in his father's will of 1535, but not in his grandfather's will of 1530. He passed his life in his ancestral parish of Sellinge, co. Kent. In 1592 he was the defendant in a suit in the Court of Requests. Since he had no issue, he devised his lands to the sons of his brother Thomas (7). Parents: John HATCHE and UNKNOWN.

Spouse: . Stephen HATCHE and Elizabeth GOLDSMITH were married on 5 Dec 1603 in , Maidstone, Kent, England.63

Thomas HATCHE.814 THOMAS, not mentioned in his father's will in 1530, and therefore probably deceased before that year. His existence is inferred from the tact that his supposed father, Thomas Hache, is called "Thomas Hatche the elder" in the subsidy of 1524. Parents: Thomas HATCHE and UNKNOWN.

Thomas HATCHE816 was christened on 30 Jun 1565 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.816 He died about 1612 in , , Kent, England.816 THOMAS, of Tenterden and Canterbury, co. Kent, the teatator of 1611, bapt. at Tenterden 30 June 1565; d. between 27 Dec. 1611 and 5 June 1613; in. by licence of 22 Sept. 1587 MARGARET KING of Cranbrook, co. Kent, widow, who in. (3) by licence of 2 Apr. 1614 John Allen of Canterbury, gentleman, and was the testatrix of 1626. Thomas Hatche was churchwarden at Tenterden in 1599, and was later of the parish of St. Peter, Canterbury. Children: 1. A daughter, bur. unbapt. at Tenterden 20 Nov. 1589. 2. Joane, b. abt. 1591; d. s.p. before 1626; in. at AshLord, 30 Mar. 1609, William Watmer, gentleman. Parents: Thomas HATCHE and Joane.

Spouse: . Thomas HATCHE and Margaret KING were married.63

Thomas HATCHE814 was born about 1442 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.814

THOMAS AT HECCHE (John), of Sellinge, Co. Kent, was born about 1442, as he was at least twenty-one in 1404, when his father appointed him one of the executors of his will, but was then under twenty-four. No will or administration of his estate has been found. He succeeded to a portion of his father's lands in Sellinge, and doubtless married soon after his father's death, becoming the father of a family of whom only one child is known. Parents: John HATCHE and Agnes.

Spouse: UNKNOWN. Thomas HATCHE and UNKNOWN were married. Children were: Thomas HATCHE.

Thomas HATCHE821 was born about 1465 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.814 He died about 1534 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.814

THOMAS HACHE (Thomas, John.), of Sellinge, co. Kent, the testator of 1530 was born probably about 1465. He held the manor of Hodyford, was assessed as "Thomas Hatche the elder" in the hundred of Street, in the subsidy of 1524, and died between 12 Dec. 1530 and 31 Dec. 1534. The name of his wife has not been found, but six children are named in his will in 1530.

The Will of Thomas HACHE the elder of Sellyng besids Horton Monkyn, co. Kent, 12 December 1530. To be buried in the churchyard of Sellynge. At my forthfare in masses and dirges and in bread and drink to refresh the poor los. At my month's day in like manner 16s. Sd. At my year s mind in like maimer 13s. 4d. My executors to have masses and prayers sung for my soul and all Christian souls in said church for eight years. To the high altar 12d. To the Trinity light, Cross light, and Lady light 6d. apiece. To every godchild 6d. To Thomas Haehe, son of John and Elioner Hache, 40s., 20s. at the age of twenty-four and 20s. at the age of twenty-five, to be paid by my son John. If the said Thomas die within age without heirs, then it is to be paid to his sister Agnes, and if she die within age without heirs, reversion to my son John. To my eon John my best brass pot. To my daughters Agnes, Margarete, and Alice 6s. 8d. apiece. To my son William all debts he owes me and two silver spoons, and to his daughter Agnes Hache 6s. Sd. To Agnes, daughter of John Hache the elder my son, now dead, 6s. 8d. To Thomas Hache, John Hache the younger, Johane Ha.che, Agnes Hache, and Alice Hache, sons and daughters of John Hache, 6s. 8d. apiece. Residuary legatee and executor: son John Hache. Witnesses: Sir Robert Yong, vicar of Sellyng, William Harte, John Knyght, William Hache, and John Smythe. My last will regarding my lands. To William Hache my son my manor of Hodyford and all those parcels of land, viz., Hodyford Broke lying in three parcels, a parcel called Horselife, one called Hodyford grove with hemphaw and gardens, a parcel called perce gardyn, one called Stone regg, one called Sandpytts, and other parcel which he there now occupyeth of me, he paying for the same 20 marks, at the rate of 26s. Sd. a year until p aid. To my son John Hache my new house with the lands thereto belonging and all my other lands and tenements in Sellyng, he paying there-for to Thomas Hache, son of John Hache late of Sellyng, deceased, 40 marks, as before specified. (Witnesses as above.] Proved 31 December 1534 by the executor, John Hache. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 20, fo. 4.) Parents: Thomas HATCHE and UNKNOWN.

Spouse: UNKNOWN. Thomas HATCHE and UNKNOWN were married. Children were: William HATCHE, John HATCHE, Agnes HATCHE, Thomas HATCHE, John HATCHE, Margaret HATCHE, Alice HATCHE.

Thomas HATCHE62,63 was born about 1525 in , Tenterden, Kent, England. He died before 13 Oct 1568 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.63

Thomas HATCHE (John the Younger, Thomas, Thomas, John), of Sellinge and Tenterden, Co. Kent, born probably about 1525, died intestate before 13 Oct. 1568, when administration on his estate was granted to his widow. He married, about 1552, JOANE , who married secondly, before 25 Oct. 1574, Richard Brissenden. Thomas Hatche was churchwarden at Tenterden in 1565. The account of Joane Hatch alias Brissenden, administratrix, exhibited 25 Oct. 1574, names four daughters of Thomas Hatche and the names of his three sons appear in the will of his brother, Stephen Hatche of Sellinge, in 1606. The will of his eldest son, John Hatche, of 162s1 9, names the children, grandchildren, and even some great-grandchildren of Thomas Hatche. Parents: John HATCHE and UNKNOWN.

Spouse: Joane. Thomas HATCHE and Joane were married about 1552 in , Tenterden, Kent, England. Children were: Winifred HATCHE, John HATCHE, Katherine HATCHE, Eleanor HATCHE, Elizabeth HATCHE, William HATCHE, Thomas HATCHE.

Thomas HATCHE was born about 1590.62 He died in 1646 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.62 Parents: William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN.

William HATCHE was christened on 9 Aug 1629 in Wye, Kent, England.38,812 [THE WILL OF WILLIAM HATCH, JR.]

[p. 44] The will of WiIlam hatch Junir: of Scittuate late Deceased in Verginnia was dated 13 September, 1653, and probated 4 May, 1657. Bequests were as follows:

Willam hatch of Scittuate .... being upon a Journey to Vergtnta .... give unto Phebee My Daughter the one halfe of my estate .... to bee paid to her in the yeare 1668 and likewise to see her provided for in the mean time that shee want Nothinge; All the rest of my goods lands and tennements I give unto Abigaill my wife whom I make my agent and exequitrix

I Gorge Sutton Doe Testitfy that I received this of Willam hatch Signed and Sealed and hee told mee it was his owne Act and Deed"

I James Torrey Doe Testify that I received this of Gorge Sutton and hee told mee hee received it of Willam hatch signed and sealed;

The oath of James Torrey aged 44 or therabouts taken before rnee Timothy hatherley this 25th of Aprill 1657

[p. 451] An inventory of the estate of Willam hatch Junir was taken at Scituate 11 April, 1657, by Edward Jenkens and Thomas Turner. The real estate was: a Dwelling house and barne and orchyard and eight acres More or lesse of upland 3 acres of marsh and a peece of Swamp £20; five acres of marsh £8.

Printed from Mayflower Descendant Legacy CD-ROM - All rights reserved. Copyright © 1996 - 1998 by Search & ReSearch Publishing Corp., Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Parents: William HATCHE and Jane YOUNG.

Spouse: . William HATCHE and Abigail HEWES were married about 1652 of Wye, Kent, England.38,812,822

William HATCHE was christened on 9 Dec 1563 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.62 He died about 1627 in , Ashford, Kent, England.62

WILLIAM HATCH (Thomas) was baptized 9 December 1563 at Tenterden, Kent. He married 26 July 1587 at Tenterden, Anne Tilden, daughter of John and Patience (Castlen) Tilden, who was baptized there 5 November 1570. William Hatch was the son of Thomas and Joan Hatch. Anne's father, John Tilden, was born about 1541 and was buried at Tenterden 29 January 1625/6. He was the son of Richard and Elizabeth (Glover?) Tilden. Anne (Tilden) Hatch, as well as one of her children, was a devisee of her grandfather George Castlen. William Hatch died at Ashford, Kent by 1627. Parents: Thomas HATCHE and Joane.

Spouse: Anne TILDEN. William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN were married on 26 Jul 1587 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.62 Children were: John HATCHE, Thomas HATCHE, William HATCHE, Elizabeth HATCHE, Judith HATCHE, Margaret HATCHE, Mary HATCHE, Son HATCHE, Anne HATCHE.

William HATCHE was born about 1446 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.814 Parents: John HATCHE and Agnes.

William HATCHE814 was born about 1488 in , Sellinge, Kent, England.814 WILLIAM b abt. 1488; succeeded to the manor of Hodyford and other lands under the will of his father. Child: 1. Agnes, mentioned in her grandfather's will in 1530. Parents: Thomas HATCHE and UNKNOWN.

William HATCHE823,824,825 was born about 1599 in , of Wye, Kent, England.812 He died on 6 Nov 1651 in Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.812

ELDER William HATCH (William, Thomas, John the Younger, Thomas, Thomas, John), of Ashford, Wye, and Sandwich, co. Kent, and of Scituate in the Plymouth Colony, woollen draper and merchant, born about 1598, died at Scituate 6 Nov. 1651. He probably married first ;* and secondly, probably at Thanington, near Canterbury, co. Kent, by licence of 9 July 1624, Jane YOUNG of Thanington, born about 1596, who married secondly, at Scituate, 31 Mar. 1653, Elder Thomas King of Scituate (who succeeded William Hatch in the office of elder), and died at Scituate 8 Oct. 1653. Her parentage has not yet been discovered, but it is likely that Edward Young of Thanington, husbandrnan, one of the bondsmen on the marriage licence, was her kinsman, perhaps her brother.

About 1634 William Hatch and his family removed from Wye to Sandwich, Co. Kent, The statement that he was at Scituate in the Plymouth Colony in 1633 is incorrect, and is due to the assumption that the date after the names of the assistants in the records applied to all the names following. He embarked for America for the first time in Mar. 1634/5, sailing from Sandwich in the ship Hercules with his wife Jane, five children, and six servants. In the same ship sailed his cousin, Lydia (Huckstep) Tilden (7,1, 7), with her husband Nathaniel Tilden, and their children. William Hatch and his family settled at Scituate, where he built a house on Kent Street and was admitted freeman on 5 Jan. 1635/6. He returned to England, but came back to New England in Apr. 1638, in the ship Castle. It is probable that his brother Thomas (10) with his wife and children and his sister Elizabeth Soan (12) with her son William came with him on this voyage. In 1643 William Hatch was chosen the flr~t ruling elder of the Second Church of Scituate, and in August of that year he with his sons Walter and John appears on the list of those in Scituate able to bear arms (that is, they were between 16 and 60 years of age). In the same year also he was lieutenant of the trainband

Printed from NEHG Register, Volume 70, July 1916, New England Historic Genealogical Society & Broderbund Software, Inc., Banner Blue Division, February 22, 2001

WILLIAM HATCH (William, Thomas) was the son of William and Anne (Tilden) Hatch and was born about 1592, presumably in Ashford, Kent. He, his wife Jane, and five children sailed from Sandwich, Kent in the spring of 1634 aboard the Hercules of Sandwich, John Witherley, Master. On the passenger list he was noted as being a merchant of Sandwich. With his family came five employees. William and his family settled in Scituate, Massachusetts. William Hatch had a first wife whose identity is unknown. She died, leaving a son Walter. He remarried, by license issued at Canterbury, probably at Thannington, Kent, 9 July 1624, Jane Young who was born there about 1596. William Hatch died 6 November 1651 at Scituate, Mass. Jane remarried 31 March 1653, Elder Thomas King. William's will was dated 5 November, the day before he died.

Ref: Canterbury MarriageLicenses, 2nd series, 1619-family on passenger list. 1650, edited by Joseph Meadows Cowper; Parish Registers; v .r. of Scituate; Savage


Transcribed from the Original Records,


WILLIAM HATCH, SR. , of Scituate, died at that place on 6 November, 1651, the day following the date of his will, which is found in the Plymouth Colony Records of Wills, Volume 1, folio 125.

[1: 225] The Last Will and Testament of Mr Willam Hatch of Scittuate Deceased exhibited before the generall court holden at New Plym: the 3d of June 1652 on the oathes of Mr Willam Wetherell and James Torrey

November the fift 1651

I William hatch the elder of Scittuate in the collony of New Plymouth in america Planter being weake in body but

Will and inventory of William Hatch, Senior 39

of pfect memory Doe make this my last will and Testament in mannor and forme following;

Imprimis I give and bequeath unto Jane my wife two milch cowes and my executors to keep them Summer and Winter upon my meadow grounds them and theire encrease tell they exceed the number of six Item I Give unto her halfe my Dwelling house During her life time as allsoe halfe the fruites of the trees in my orchyard Item I will that my executors allow her yearly sixteen bushells of come viz foure of wheat foure of Rye foure of barley and foure of Indian Come; as alsoe sixteene Rods of broken up ground and to bee well Dunged yearly for to sow hempe seed on Item I give her the bed furnished wheron I lye with two paire of sheets two pillows two paire of pillow coates one bolster one Rugg one blankett therunto belonging Item I give her one chamber pott two houshold platters two pewter Dishes one pewter Drinking pott; alsoe a little brase pott and a brasse skillett two spining Wheeles a paire of wool carafes a Trunke halfe a Dozen of milke trayes a coupple of wooden Dishes two wooden platters a milke payle two chayres foure spoones one of them being of silver Item a warming pan one brandiron one paire of tonges one paire of pothangers a tier slice Item I give her a hogg and my great brase kettle Item I give my Daughter Jane Lovell one milch cow to bee Delivered to her by my executors att two yeares end after my Decease Item I give unto my grandchild John Lovell a cow calfe to bee Delivered by my executors at two yeares end after my Decease; And if the lord give my Daughter Jane any more children then my will is that her next child shall have the first calfe of that calfe that I have given to her son John Lovell and the next child the next calfe and soe Successively Item I give my Daughter Jane one paire of sheets Item a chest alsoe a pewter candlesticke one Sawcer two alchymy spoones Item I give to my Daughter Ann Torry one milch cowe to her and her heires to bee Delivered at two yeares end after my Decease by my executors; Item I give to my grandchild James Torrey a cow calfe and the first calfe of her breed to my grandchild Willam Torrey and the next calfe of her to my grandchild Josepth and the next to my grandchild Damaris &c alsoe I give my Daughter Torrey the shipp pott; All the Rest of my moveables goods lands and tenements I give and bequeath to my two sons Walter hatch and Willam hatch to them and theire heires for ever to bee equally Devided between them Whom I appoint to bee the executors of this my last will and Testament and

40 Will and Inventory of William Hatch, Senior

to pay all my Debts and legacies In Wittnes Wherof I have heerunto sett my hand and seale the Day and yeare above

Witnesses Guilielmo Wetherell Willam Hatch
James Torrey (seal)
Willam hatch the son of Thomas hatch

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William Hatch

William Hatch, a resident of Sandwich, Kent, sailed for New England in 1635 on the Hercules. Upon arrival he settled in Scituate, where he resided until his death in 1651. He brought with him his second wife and five children, two other children having died in England prior to the family s migration. The town of Scituate granted him the usual course of land distributions.

Beyond these basics,William Hatch in some respects seemed to reflect the norm of the middle of the middle stratum. He became a freeman soon after arrival and served in several offices, including participation on grand and petit juries. He was, in fact, a little above the norm, in that he was in 1642 and again in 1645 Deputy from Scituate to the Plymouth Colony General Court, and in 1643 he was appointed Lieutenant of the Scituate trainband.

Were this the totality of what the surviving records had to tell us about William Hatch, we would account him a solid but unremarkable New England immigrant. But in addition to the details of his life which have been outlined above, we find also a steady stream of other notices of this man which tell us a different story.

The very first entry in the volume of "Judicial Acts of the General Court and Court of Assistants" of Plymouth Colony, dated January 3, 1636/7, was a law suit against William Hatch, instituted by Comfort Starr in a case of debt, the jury finding for the plaintiff This judgment in itself was not remarkable, but, as will be seen, was a portent of things to come. Barely six months later, on June 7, 1637, "whereas William Hatch, of Scituate, is presented for an incroachment upon a piece of ground on this side the river without license of this Court, it is therefore enacted by this Court that the said William Hatch shall reap the crop this year only, and leave the land, which is the mulct laid upon him for his presumption therein."

Not long after these events, Hatch returned to England, and then sailed again for New England on the Castle, bringing with him his brother Thomas and his family.While on this voyage,William Hatch formed a partnership with Thomas Ruck and Joseph Merriam to handle the affairs of the voyage. In August 1639, a year after this transatlantic passage, Ruck and Merriam sued Hatch, claimed he did "overreckon, misreckon, account short & mischarge" various items in the accounts.

Two years later, on September 7, 1641 ,Williani Hatch was accused of stating publicly that "the warrants sent from the governor were nothing but stinking commissary warrants. Finally, on March 5, 1643/4, the Court took notice of a dispute between Hatch and his servant Hercules, regarding the length of service of the latter. Very few men were so frequently recorded in so many forms of disagreeable behavior. Even so, throughout this period, William Hatch continued to hold offices at the colony and town level. His peers and neighbors clearly valued his skills and abilities highly enough to set aside his apparent antisocial behavior, but he may have been skating very close to the edge.

New England Ancestors Fall 2002, pg 24, Robert Charles Andreson
Parents: William HATCHE and Anne TILDEN.

Spouse: . William HATCHE and UNKNOWN were married about 1623.812,822 Children were: Walter HATCH.

Spouse: Jane YOUNG. William HATCHE and Jane YOUNG were married on 9 Jul 1624 in Canterbury, Kent, England.11,812 Children were: John HATCHE, Anne HATCH, Son HATCHE, William HATCHE, Jane HATCHE, Andrew HATCHE.

Winifred HATCHE63 was born about 1553 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.63 WINIFRED, b. abt. 1553; bur. at Tenterden, co. Kent, 6 Oct. 1592; m. (1) at Tenterden, 18 June 1576, Richard Wills; m. (2) at Tenterden, 14 Feb. 1583/4, Stephen HUCKSTEP. Children by first husband: 1. Joane, bapt. at Tenterden 23 June 1577; in. Robert Numan of Crayford; had issue. 2. Anne, b. in 1578; in. 25 May 1602 William Snatte of Hunton; had issue. 3. Suaan, bapt. at Tenterden 15 Feb. 1579/80~ in. (1) Rankin; in. (2) Benjamin Robus of "Kennarton" [? Kennardington] had issue by both husbands. 4. John, bapt. at Tenterden 23 July 1582; bur. there 14 Nov. 1582. Children by second husband: 5. Thomas, bapt. at Tenterden 22 Nov. 1584. 6. John, bapt. at Tenterden 22 May 1586; in., and had issue. 7. Lydia, bapt. at Tenterden 11 Feb. 1587/8; in. abt. 1607 Nathaniel Tilden; emigrated with her husband and children to New England in Mar. 1634/5. Parents: Thomas HATCHE and Joane.

Spouse: . Richard WILLS and Winifred HATCHE were married on 18 Jun 1576 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.63

Spouse: . Stephen HUCKSTEP and Winifred HATCHE were married on 14 Feb 1583/84 in , Tenterden, Kent, England.63

Imma Abbess of HERFORD46 was born in 978 in , , , Saxony. She died after 995 in , Herford, Westpfalz, Germany. Parents: Hermann Billung Duke of SAXONY and Hildegardis.

Elizabeth HERON.311,826 Parents: John HERON and Elizabeth HERON.

Spouse: Robert TAILBOYS Knight, Lord Kyme de jure, Sherrif. Robert TAILBOYS Knight, Lord Kyme de jure, Sherrif and Elizabeth HERON were married before 1467.240 Children were: Maud TAILBOYS.

Elizabeth HERON.6,311 Parents: Sir William HERON and Anne OGLE.

Spouse: John HERON. Children were: Elizabeth HERON.

John HERON.6,311

ELIZABETH HERON, daughter and heiress, born about 1422 (aged 3 in 1425). She married by dispensation dated 11 July 1438 JOHN HERON, Knt., of Ford and Chillingham, Northumberland, and, in right of his wife, of Croydon, Cambridgeshire, Keeper of Bamborough Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of William Heron, of Ford, Northumberland, by his wife, Isabel. He was born about 1415-8 (aged 10 or 13 in 1428), and was knighted by 1455. They had one son, Roger, Knt., and one daughter, Elizabeth. SIR JOHN HERON fought on the Lancastrian side in the Wars of the Roses at the Battles of Wakefield and St. Albans, and was slain at the Battle of Towton 29 March 1461. For having taken part in the execution of Richard, Duke of York, at Wakefield, 30 Dec. 1460, he was attainted, and all his estates and dignities were forfeited. His widow, Elizabeth, was living in 1470/1.

Spouse: Elizabeth HERON. Children were: Elizabeth HERON.

Sir William HERON.6,311

ANNIE OGLE, married (1st) by dispensation dated 13 Jan. 1411/2 (they being related in the 4th degree of kindred) WILLIAM HERON, Knt., of Cornhull, Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of William Heron, by Isabel, daughter of Richard Scot, of Newcastle. He was born about Oct. 1400 (aged 3 months in Jan. 1400/1). They had one daughter, Elizabeth. He was knighted before Feb. 1421/2. He received seisin of the manor of Croydon, Cambridgeshire, on the death of his grandmother, Margaret Heron, in 1423. The same year he was heir to his cousin, John Hawkeswell. SIR WILLIAM HERON died 1 Sept. 1425. His widow, Anne, married (2nd) (as his 2nd wife) JOHN MJDDLETON, Knt., of Belsay, Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of John Middleton, Knt., of Belsay, Northumberland, by Joan, daughter and co-heiress of Clement Skelton, Knt. They had one son, John, and one daughter, (wife of Edmund Hastings, Knt.). He was appointed ambassador for a truce with Scotland in 1459. His retinue captured Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, near Hexham in May 1464.

Spouse: Anne OGLE. Sir William HERON and Anne OGLE were married on 13 Jan 1411/12. Children were: Elizabeth HERON.

Abigail HEYWOOD was born on 4 Apr 1672 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.827 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: . William LOCK and Abigail HEYWOOD were married on 8 Jun 1698 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.11,331,828

Benjamin HEYWOOD was born on 17 Mar 1682/83 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.829 He died on 4 Jan 1763 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.828 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: . Benjamin HEYWOOD and Hannah KIDDER were married in 1706.828

Edmund HEYWOOD was born on 31 Jul 1689 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.830 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Huldah HEYWOOD was born on 17 Sep 1676 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.587 She died in 1744. Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

James HEYWOOD was born on 27 Nov 1678 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.831 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: . James HEYWOOD and Bathsheba TAY were married in 1710 in , , Massachusetts, USA.828


Spouse: Mary ALDRICH. Children were: John HEYWOOD.

John HEYWOOD832 was born about 1612 in Stepney, London, England. About 1664 he was a Constable & Tailor in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.833 He died on 17 Jan 1700/1 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.834

He immigrated on 26-Mar-1634 to Concord, Middlesex County, Massachusetts; aboard the ship Planter. On 1670 licensed issued keep and in or ordinary for lodging and to sell beer. In 1670 John Heywood was listed as a freeman. On 1672 licensed issued keep and in or ordinary for lodging and to sell beer. He held the position of constable in Jun-1676. "Concord this 13:June 1676"

"Honord Gouernor Leuert
"Inasmuch as heare has bin a sad accident befallen us through the ocation of nedglegent persons; which had trust Imposed to them; to keep sentery over three old squas & one papoose, these watchmen fell all asleep, and in the meanetime ye squas made theire escape; from them; which may produce a greate deale of damage to us yt are resident in Concord; because we are affraid they are aquainted with ye Condition of or towne, & what quantyty of men we have gon out; & which way they are gone; which may prove very obstructive to or army in their design; we had a Capt: appoynted over the magaseine; which I thought to be suffitient to give a Charge to 12 men; to keep senternalls over three old squas; I hope yor honor will be pleased to take it into Consideration & send us some more strength to suport us from or enimies; for we are in dayly fear; yt they will make an asault on or towne; So hopeing yor honor Cannot Impute any Blame to him; who wish to yor honor ye best yt may be: by yor honors most Humble Servant

John Haywood;
(Mass. Archives, 113-193.).

The surname Heywood is distinct from Haywood, Hayward and Howard, although the spelling of each in every possible way makes it difficult not to confuse the families, especially where Heywards, Howards and Heywoods were living in the same town. The derivation of the name Heywood is given in a pedigree prepared by Peter John Heywood, of Whitehaven, England, in 1781, and published in “Hunter's Life and Times of Oliver Heywood,” who was a non-conformist clergyman of note in the days of Charles I. The pedigree runs back to the year 1164, a period when sur­names were beginning to come into use in the mother country. The earliest authentic document containing the name of Heywood, or its prototype, is a title deed still preserved for a tract of land in Lancashire, from one Adame de Burgo or de Bury, who held the Knight's fee to a large section of territory in the vicinity to Peter de Ey-wood, that is “of wooded island.” The latter was the reputed founder of the Heywood family in England, from which the American family is descended. This estate remained in the possession of the descendants of Peter Heywood more than five hundred years, or until 1717, when Robert Heywood sold it to John Starkey of Rochdale, whose grandson, James Starkey, dying intestate, allowed the place to pass into the hands of the Crown. It is now an attractive public park, having been donated for that purpose by Queen Victoria. The English line from this Peter Heywood is traced in an unbroken line to the emigrant in America. James and John Heywood, both about twenty-two years old, brothers, came together in the ship, “Planter,” in 1636. They were both certified from Stepney Parish, London. James Heyvood settled in Charlestown, and later went to Woburn, where he died November 20, 1642.

John Heywood of Concord, Massachusetts
Compiled by Frieda Heywood Massara

It is presumed that he must have been married before his marriage to Rebecca, because the founders of Concord frowned upon unmarried men. No such record has been found. He was 44 at the time of his marriage to Rebecca, which was quite old for first marriage in those days. Perhaps he lived in another community before he came to Concord, however, according to "The Social Circle Memoirs" 1st series Page 112, John Heywood came to Concord before 1650 and was one of the first settlers of the town.

John kept an ordinary (inn) for which he had a license. According to the book, "Concord in Colonial Times" by C.H. Walcott published in 1884, Page 139, John Heywood "was allowed to keep a house of entertainment for strangers, for lodging and to sell beer and cider." The year was 1670. In 1672, John renewed his license and had liberty to retail strong waters to the travelers and sick people.

John took the Freeman's Oath in 1670.

13 June 1676, John was made a Constable of Concord.

He is mentioned as an heir to part of the estate of William Allan, who married Susanna Atkinson, widow of Thomas Atkinson. His wife's sisters Susanna and Hannah Atkinson were the other heirs.

Cutler and Adams in their "Genealogies and Personal Memoirs", Vol. III, Page 1820 mention a third wife, Priscilla; however, I have found nothing to substantiate this.

Origens of the Name:
Hayward, Heyward:
"The original duties of the hayward seem to have been to protect the fences round the Lammas lands when enclosed for hay, hence his name (OE) hegeweard 'guardian of the fence or hedge'. This...was a dead hedge easily erected and removed, forming an enclosure (OE [ge]haeg) from which, to judge from the early and regular variation between heiward and haiward, and from his more general duties or preventing cattle from breaking through into the enclosed fields and growing crops, the hayward seem also to have been called (ge)haegweard 'enclosure-protector'.

In the Parish Register of Horringer (Suffolk) c1670-80 Hayward is regularly written Howard, and in the Walthamstow Toni court-rolls from 1678 to 1882 the marshbaley is often called the hayward or howard, so that some of our Howards were probably Haywards."

Haywood, Heywood, Heawood, Highwood:
"From Haywood (UK: Hereford, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire) or Heywood (UK: Lancashire, Wiltshire) or from numerous minor places."

[excerpt from Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames, Reaney & Wilson, pub. OUP 1997]
Parents: John HEYWOOD and Mary ALDRICH.

Spouse: . John HEYWOOD and Rebecca ADKINSON were married on 17 Aug 1656 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.11,317,832 Children were: Rebecca HEYWOOD, Rebecca HEYWOOD, John HEYWOOD, Persis HEYWOOD, Benone HEYWOOD.

Spouse: Sarah SIMONDS. John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS were married on 30 Nov 1665 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.11,832,835,836 Children were: Judith HEYWOOD, Sarah HEYWOOD, Mary HEYWOOD, Abigail HEYWOOD, William HEYWOOD, Huldah HEYWOOD, James HEYWOOD, Joseph HEYWOOD, Benjamin HEYWOOD, Thomas HEYWOOD, Edmund HEYWOOD.

Joseph HEYWOOD was born on 3 Nov 1680 of Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.827,828 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Judith HEYWOOD was born on 13 Jan 1666 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.837 She died on 14 Nov 1724 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.828 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: . Sam WALKER and Judith HEYWOOD were married on 1 Jun 1688 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.828

Mary HEYWOOD was born on 3 Nov 1669 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.837 She died on 21 Mar 1742/43 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.828 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: Enoch KIDDER. Enoch KIDDER and Mary HEYWOOD were married on 1 Jun 1685 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.838

Sarah HEYWOOD was born on 30 Aug 1666 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.836 She died on 9 Feb 1741 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.175 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: John BALDWIN. John BALDWIN and Sarah HEYWOOD were married on 5 Feb 1690 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.162,174 Children were: Sarah BALDWIN, Mary BALDWIN, Judith BALDWIN, Jude BALDWIN, Thomas BALDWIN, Ruth BALDWIN, John BALDWIN, Elizabeth BALDWIN, Abigail BALDWIN, John BALDWIN, William BALDWIN.

Thomas HEYWOOD was born on 16 Jul 1686 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.830 Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

William HEYWOOD was born on 17 Apr 1674 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.839 He died in 1740 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA. Parents: John HEYWOOD and Sarah SIMONDS.

Spouse: . William HEYWOOD and Esther PERRY were married on 11 May 1692 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.11

Beatrice HILL298 was born in 1500. Parents: William HILL and Alice BRUNBURY.

Spouse: William BULKELEY. Children were: Thomas BULKELEY.

William HILL.298

Spouse: Alice BRUNBURY. William HILL and Alice BRUNBURY were married. Children were: Beatrice HILL.

Elizabeth HILTON6 was born in 1455.6 Parents: Godfrey HILTON Knight and Margery WILLOUGHBY.

Spouse: Richard THIMBLEBY Esquire. Richard THIMBLEBY Esquire and Elizabeth HILTON were married. Children were: John THIMBLEBY Knight.

Godfrey HILTON Knight.6

MARGERY WILLOUGHBY, married probably in 1453 GODFREY HILTON (or HYLTONi, Knt., dejttre Lord Luttrell, of Irnham, Lincolnshire, Hooton Pagnell, Yorkshire, Gamston and Bridgford-by-Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, etc., son and heir of Godfrey Hilton, Knt., of Irnham, Linco]nshire, Hooton Pagnell, Yorkshire, etc., by his 1St wife, Hawise Luttrell, dejure Lady Luttrell, daughter of Andrew Luttrell, Lord Luttrell. He was born 9 Nov. 1419, and was heir in 1429 to his older half-brother, Thomas Belesby. They had one son, Godfrey, and two daughters, Elizabeth and Hawise. SIR GODFREY HILTON died 18 May 1472. His widow, Margery, married (2nd) NXTILLIAM WALRON. She died 14 Nov. 1495.

Spouse: Margery WILLOUGHBY. Godfrey HILTON Knight and Margery WILLOUGHBY were married in 1453.6 Children were: Elizabeth HILTON.

John HODSELL.717,840

Children were: John HODSELL.

John HODSELL717 was born in 1570 in , of Cowfold, Sussex, England. He died on 15 Sep 1666 in Cowfold, Sussex, England. Parents: John HODSELL.

Spouse: Faith BACON. John HODSELL and Faith BACON were married in Cowfold, Sussex, England. Children were: Elizabeth HODSOLL, Anne HODSOLL, John HODSOLL, Katherine HODSOLL, Bennet HODSOLL, Christian HODSOLL, John HODSOLL, Elizabeth HODSOLL, Anne HODSOLL.

Anne HODSOLL was born between 1591 and 1595 of Shermabury, Sussex, England. She died on 6 Oct 1624. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: .

Anne HODSOLL was born about 1608. She died before 6 Oct 1629 in , , , England. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Bennet HODSOLL was born in 1597/98 in Pulborough, , Sussex, England. She was christened in 1597/98 in , , , England. She died on 12 Apr 1630 in Pulborough, , Sussex, England. She was buried on 12 Apr 1630 in Pulborough, , Sussex, England.161,705 Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: Edmond FREEMAN. Edmond FREEMAN and Bennet HODSOLL were married on 16 Jun 1617 in , Pulborough, Sussex, England.11,705 Children were: Alice FREEMAN, Edmund FREEMAN Jr, Bennett FREEMAN, Elizabeth FREEMAN, Major John FREEMAN, Nathaniel FREEMAN.

Christian HODSOLL was born in 1601 in , of Pullborough, Sussex, England. She died before 13 Nov 1650.707 Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: William FREEMAN. William FREEMAN and Christian HODSOLL were married in 1624 in , , Essex, England.

Spouse: William FREEMAN.

Elizabeth HODSOLL was born about 1588 in , of Shermabury, Sussex, England. She died before 1617. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: . William SCALES and Elizabeth HODSOLL were married before 1616 in , , Essex, England.

Elizabeth HODSOLL was born about 1606 in , , , England. She died before 6 Oct 1629 in , , , England. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

John HODSOLL was born about 1592 in , of Shermabury, Sussex, England. He died on 13 Nov 1628. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: . John HODSOLL and Elizabeth GRATWICKE were married on 27 Sep 1617 in Cowfold, Sussex, England.

John HODSOLL was born about 1604 in Pulborough, , Sussex, England. He died on 12 Nov 1628 in , , Sussex, England. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Katherine HODSOLL was born in 1594 in , of Shermabury, Sussex, England. Parents: John HODSELL and Faith BACON.

Spouse: .

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