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"Trudy's Roots"

My father's mother as a child. My Grandmother, Mary Florence Goodhart, was born in Dayton, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania in 1889. As a child I did not know her first name was Mary as everyone called her Florence. Her father was Augustus Kirtland Goodhart, who also went by either his middle name "Kirt" or A.K. He was born in Dayton also in 1847. He enlisted in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Civil War and lied about his age to get in. He was a medical corpsman in Company K 2nd Regiment of the Pennsylvania Calvary. He was discharged from the Army on June 17, 1865 in Chester Pa.

This is a picture of my father as an infant. Also shown here are my Grandfather Charles Francis Smith Sr., my Uncle Charles Francis Smith Jr., my Grandmother Mary Florence Goodhart Smith,and my dad, Eugene Goodhart Smith.

As we go through life, we realize just how important our past is. All of us have ancestors we may know nothing about. Some of us begin the journey into our past very slowly. I am one who started late and am going slowly.

I began my search backwards so that I might join the DAR. I knew my Great-great

Aunt Laura Sarah Goodhart Pontius was a member of the DAR.

My Great-grandfather, her brother, Augutus Kirtland Goodhart served in the Civil War. Through my Aunt Laura's research to join the DAR I found that my Great-great-great-great-great Grandfather John Pontius was a veteran of theRevolutionary War.

Genealogy can be rewarding. Take a look at my

April 2,1998

Family Tree

(still under construction).

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Trudy Smith



Though God's grace is an award and reward in itself, I am also thankful to friends and the awards they present to us in this earthly life.

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