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Cats are a big part of my life now. It's funny, but when I was growing up, I had dogs. Ironic. But for some reason I have this facination with cats. When I was younger, delivering newspapers around the neighborhood, any cat I saw I would have to stop and pet. It got to the point where the "regulars" were waiting for me at 6:00 a.m. to drop by and pet them. One cold winter day, I had stop to pet one of my regulars. I picked him up and all of a sudden he started curling up around my shoulders and ploped himself right into the hood of my winter jacket. That's one of the reasons I love cats so much. They're crazy and funny. I love some of the antics they get themselves into.

I have five cats. Midnight is all black with one tiny tiny spot of white on his chest. He was our impulse buy. (Actually, he was the only cat we purchased from a pet store. Everyone else was adopted from a shelter or were strays.) Next we have Sparky. He's white with black spots on his body. We named him Sparky after "Sparky the Fire Dog". To tell you the truth, the way his black spots on his head are located with a white part down the middle, and his black nose, he looks like Adolph Hitler. But we love him anyway. He was kind of an impulse buy, but at least we adopted him from a shelter.
Next are the triplets. Mittens, Wheezer, and Rascal My mom has an outside cat that had kittens. We were only going to take one and foster the others. We gave one to my husband's brother so we had two left. We were waiting for the shelter to call and say the can take them (they had too many at the time and said they would call when they had space). So needless to say, they never called so we kept them. (I believe things always happen for a reason.) Mittens is grey with white paws, Wheezer (who has tan and white markings) had a wheezing problem so that's how he got his name (which by the way, we found out what caused the wheezing [a polup which was removed] and he now is wheezeless, but we still call him Wheezer anyway). Then Rascal (a typical orange striped kitty) got his name from a cat a day calendar. There was a picture that looked just like him, so we decided to use the name.
Well, that's my family. You gotta love them. I know I sure do.

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