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Birjanji Birmans
Cat Fanciers' Association Cattery of Excellence!

The home of CFA's First Grand Champion Lilac Point Birman: BIRJANJI'S PURRPLE PROMISE,
and CFA's First Grand Champion Lilac Point Birman Female: BIRJANJI'S ROULETTE IN LILAC.

We've been raising and loving Birmans since 1987, and produced our first Grand Champions in 1990:
We raise lap-cats that won't hardly leave you alone in the four traditional solid colors:
Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Lilac Point, and Blue Point.
And we have assisted some of the Lynx and Red Factor Birman breeders
by allowing them to use our Grand Champion and Regional Winner studs in their breeding programs.

Birjanjis Nevada Bluechip Bluechip and Z
GRC/GRP Birjanji's Nevada Bluechip
CFA National Second Best of Breed, 92-93
Photo ©by Larry Johnson
GRC/GRP Birjanji's Nevada Bluechip
and GRC Birjanji's Nice-N-Easy
Photo © by DB Eckard

Purrple Promise Purrple in hat
GRC,RW Birjanji's Purrple Promise
CFA's First Grand Champion Lilac Point Birman
Photo © by Larry Johnson
Purrple in his Cowboy Hat
(We moved to Texas)
photo © by Sharon Lann

Quest & Daughters Renegade
GRC,RW Biramor Quest for Purrfection, DM
(CFA's first Lilac Point Male Distinguished Merit)
and two of his daughters
Photo © by Carl J. Widmer
GRC Birjanji's Renegade
Grand Champion Seal Point Birman
Photo © by Carl J. Widmer

Bluechip kitten
GRC,GPR Birjanji's Nevada Bluechip as a kitten
Photo © by DB Eckard

Reality Checque
GRC Birjanji's Reality Checque, Lilac Point Birman
Photo © by Mark

Please send inquiries to: Jan Rogers or: Jim Rogers.
Last updated: Thursday, May 4, 2000

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Three kitten pictures
a few more Birmans
CH Shwechinthe Thetra of Birjanji, DM
CH Shwechinthe Thetra of Birjanji, DM
GP Birjanji Ura Gambler
GC, RW Biramor Quest For Purrfection, DM
GC Birjanji's Vaya Con Dios

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