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As of December 7, 2004 I starting to pack up my collection since I am moving. So I will not be trading until I get settled in my new place!!!!! Hello and welcome. This page was created so that I may increase my U2 audio and video collection, as well as other bands. Please take a look and see if we can trade. If you have any comments or questions about my page let me know.

As of now I am not looking for any trades for U2, unless you have something very rare or good. I do not need an "upgrade" that is an unknown generation and unknown source.

Ground rules for trading: Use only Type II or type III audio cassettes. If you use normal bias Type I cassettes I will send them back to you. I am tired of receiving them when I spend the money to send you good cassettes. Please do not use any type of noise reduction, and/or high speed dubbing.Videos can be formatted in the NTSC format only. Although I am only looking for DVD's as of now, since I have a Sony dvd burner.

What I am looking for: Copies of shows that I do not have on audio or video. I am always looking for upgrades of shows that I currently have. I really want 1st or 2nd generation copies of shows. Just a personal preference. Please do not record videos in the extended play mode!!! I am pretty flexible on trades, however I just want people to give me the same quality material in return. Anyway take a peek at my lists to work out a trade.

Click on the photos below to check out my collections


If you have any questions, trades or comments feel free
to send e-mail.


I am always open to new trades, however I will not be able to do every trade presented to me. Please excuse the incompleteness of my site I am always trying to keep updating it.

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