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Kramer and VXM are both proud citizens of The Vancouver/Portland area in NorthWestern US of A.

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KOSMO KRAMER: He is 21 years old now. He is about 6'1" tall and weighs about 185lbs. A very nice young man always excited to make new friends. He loves all sports and things that physically challenge a guy. He respects all women, and is single at this time and will be for a while, but he'll be looking this summer :) His big hobby besides weight lifting is cars cars cars. He currently owns a decked out 92' Stealth (pic below) and is planning on suping up another stealth, 3000GT, Mustang GT or some other top of the line affordable sports car. Keep in touch with this site to see his next ride develope througout the year. And women, get ahold of this neat single guy this summer if you live in the Portland Oregon area, you won't find a better catch, fun, loving, respectful, curtious, kind, obediant :), and lots of other good attributes, he is your regular Eagle Scout, literally, but he knows how to have fun.


Kosmo will be home from his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints this summer. Afterwich he plans to go back to college and finish up his 4 year Business degree.

You wanna contact him this summer? Then get in touch!

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