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First of all I'm a fledgling fan of Poison Elves. Actually at first I hated it *ducks* OK, OK! Let me explain! The only elves I had actually really "seen" were from "Elf Quest" and "Dragon Lance". So I was a little bit leery about new things. I had always thought that most elves liked nature in some way, hated killing (not the Go-backs), disliked guns, and didn't hang out with humans.

I didn't like the art style either *duck* I mean their ears are 2 frikin feet long! But its like some sort of disease after short exposer I became infected with an obsession for tales of Luce, Jace, and Sanctuary. I love the attitude, the violence, the drama, and the art. Hell, I love the whole damn thing! But don't take my word for it go frickin read the damn books yourself...

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