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As man continues to overtake his environment for such endeavors as building larger communities, larger shopping malls, pleasure resorts and exploiting the natural resources givin to us by "Mother Nature", mankind sometimes forget that each of these endeavors have massive effects on the natural species that inhabit the areas that he destroys.

Though there are far too many species for one man to list here, I have focused on the plight of the wolf and the great misunderstanding that has helped to make this fine creature of nature come so very close to being taken away from the enjoyment of future generations.

So please take your time, take notes if needed, and always remember, the wolf and its enviroment have always been of great benefit to mankind in ways that only nature itself may truely understand.

Wolves have been a widely miss understood creature from myth and folklore, it wasn't until later in this decade that mankind has made the attempt to understand this animal of strength and beauty, and study its bold attempt to survive despite mans' attempt to over populate the environment.

With interest in helping this beautiful creature survive, in a world that endlessly fear it and hunt it at every chance, various groups and organizations are starting to bring them back and educate the rest of the world so that the wolf will be around far into our future.

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