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Don't let this happen to "Our Earth!"

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Our project focuses on "Our Earth," specifically Bourbon County Kansas. We explore animals endangerd locally, local recycling, and Backyard Habitats. The project allows you to follow eight different paths, dependent upon your interests. Since the end of the 1998 International Cyberfair we have added a ninth link to our page - Kidcast For Peace. One teacher and two students made the connections to make our project possible. If the three of us can make a difference - you can make a difference too!



Explore the Project's Paths

Kansas Bourbon County Kansas - Information/Background

Endangered Animals Endangered Animals in Bourbon County Kansas

Recycle/Reuse Recycle/Reuse

Backyard Habitats Our Backyard Habitat Project

Proclamations Peace and Earth Proclamations

Stories Stories

Movie Our "One in a Million" Movie

Lake Mural Mural of West Lake

West Lake Adoption Project West Lake Adoption Project

Bibliography Bibliography

Kidcast for Peace - Art Poetry and Nature Kidcast for Peace - Art, Poetry and Nature

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