Knowledge Based Information


  • Examples of Statistics Textbook
  • Statistical Methods for Rater Agreement by John Uebersax
  • Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (NCSU)
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis (JHSPH)
  • SAS Code for: Statistic Methods for Rates and Proportions (Third Edition) by Fleiss
  • Nonlinear Models for Univariate and Multivariate Response
  • The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
  • Cris Jennison and his work on group sequential
  • STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics
  • HyperStat
  • Web Version of Stat Text Book
  • Another Web Version of Stat Text Book
  • Statitical Tutorial: Classification Trees
  • Statistical Tutorial: Cluster Analysis
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • SAS/Stat FAQ
  • Introduction to Nonparametric (Rank-based) Statistics (incomplete text)
  • Introduction to Biomedical Statistics (incomplete text)
  • Introduction to Monte Carlo Method
  • Coefficient for contrast of linear, quadratic, ...
  • Statistics in Epidemiology
  • From Time Series Class
  • In Logistic Regression, how to calculate the odds ratio for a continuous variable with unit other than 1?
  • How to draw a survival curve stratified for a variable and adjusted for another variable
  • PROPHET StatGuide: Glossary
  • Calculating Number Needed to Treat
  • Shih Method for Sample Size Reestimation


  • SAS programming for statistical issues
  • SAS Programming Tips
  • Deal with SAS Transport file
  • SAS/Intrnet FAQ
  • FAQ About SAS/Warehouse
  • FAQ About Using Libname Statement
  • Tips and Tricks about Proc SQL
  • Dr. Deddens's Visual SAS Programming Class
  • Connection between PC SAS and Mainframe SAS
  • Connection between PC SAS and Unix SAS
  • Submit SAS Tasks to Remote Host
  • Using SAS/Access to access SQL Server Table
  • Using Proc Dbload to Upload SAS file to SQL Server Table
  • Convert Numeric Format to SAS Date Format
  • Use SAS LENGTH statement to Save Your Disk Space
  • How to make your Macro file as an autocall macro?
  • Converting a SAS DATA set with all numeric data in character variables into a dataset with numeric data in numeric variables?
  • Reading a Mixture of Numbers and Letter from Raw Data?
  • How do I create a comma- or tab-delimited file?
  • Multiple Merge or Multiple Join?
  • Data Reading Handling Tip #1?
  • Using and!!!
  • How to define a matrix with fraction like 3/4, 2/3?
  • How to Save SAS graph into .gif file
  • Hidden Nuggets in SAS Version 8
  • Munipulating Data from SAS Programming by Example
  • SAS macros for calculating PK parameters

    Active Server Pages

  • Create Connection to Access Database
  • Create Connection to SQL Server Database
  • Query String Collection
  • Download Query Result As Excel File
  • How to create a line-break in a message
  • Dealing with strings (input fields in a form) that may contain apostrophe

    MS Office

  • Some useful MS Word macros
  • MS Word Tips
  • Multi-Select in ListBox
  • Upsizing Access Database to SQL Server
  • Using the ACCESS Mail Merge Wizard
  • How to convert other datatype to Date type?
  • Why four digit year is changed to two digit year during "make a table query"?
  • How to split a full name into lastname, firstname and middlename?

    SQL Server

  • Why use SQL Server?
  • Deal with Text/Blob field? (9002009 Error)
  • Rebuild the SQL Server registry entries
  • Upsizing Visual Foxpro Database to SQL Server

    Operating System

  • How to make flash disk bootable?
  • Hitachi HDD support download
  • Can I upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows NT 4.0?
  • why I can not install Windows NT on my Windows 95 system?


  • Installing the MegaStat add-in to Excel
  • Installing the Microsoft Excel Analysis ToolPak add-ins
  • Outlook 97: File Attachments or Embedded Hyperlinks in Messages Will not Open When Using Wordmail?
  • Web Design: How can I get rid of the underline for my HTML links?
  • Web Design: How can I open a new window when I click a link?
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