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This page collect some questions and answers from my work and my study. There are also several other web sites I created: University of Cincinnati, Department of Environemntal Health, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Center for Biostatistics Services, Web-based registry system for "Diabetes in Pregnancy Nephropathy", Web-based Farm Family Health Study Data Management System.If you have any related question, please feel free to contact me at "cdeng at nc dot nc dot com".

Also, this page is always under construction. I will add more and more contents here.

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My Current Favorite Links
Clinical trials and FDA regulation
Conditional Response Crossover Design
Modified Intention-to-treat Presentation in JSM 2004
Equivalence test in clinical trials Presentation in UC
Online Statistical Consulting (Free)
Electronic Textbook from StatSoft
Statistical Glossary from StatSoft
eCTD guidance - CDER
eCTD guidance - CBER
SAS Document Online (V8)
SAS Document Online (V9.x)
SAS Document Online (Version 9.1.2)
V8.1 SAS/STAT Document Change and Enhancement
SAS Technical Support
SAS Webring
OpenVMS User's Manual (HTML Version)
OpenVMS User's Manual (PDF Version)

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