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Last Updated: Dec 30, 1998. Well, Happy New Year to y'all.....I dont have the time I guess lately to really clean up this homepage and stuff....I dunno...Im a lazy ass. But I will keep adding bits and pieces every so often. I will still post some pics of my Edmonton trip, and stuff like that. I'll even post this pic of me and my class (the one I teach) just for fun. But I will clean everything up so this index page wont be so congested. Well, our club Volleyball team starts next week so I'll be a bit busy again but who knows......Oh ya! Guess what I did today? I frosted my tips! So ya there are like no pics of me with my new hairstyle/colour so if ya dont know me, ya wont know how I look like nowadays....anyhow....I've gots to go....Email me and please sign the guestbook on your way out...:)


Me and my new car finally!!!!

Me and Barron at World WaterPark in Edmonton....

Me and my Kids!!!!!

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