Tastycow's W40K Stuff

Painting & construction ideas for Tyranids. A good chunk of it is done. I just need to finish painting it all.
The Dark Angels stuff isn't up yet. (there's nothing there because I haven't painted them yet)
Scott's painted miniatures.
General painting & conversion ideas.
My trading stock.
Blood Pit instructions.

9/29/03 Started posting Scott's painted figs
1/31/00 The big box of metal bits known as a Thunderhawk came into my possession recently, so I will have something up if I ever get around to building it. Wish me luck.
12/01/99 A non-40K issue. Blood Pit instructions are available above.
09/17/99 Added the first part of the Biovores in the Tyranid section. Added a scout sergeant conversion.
08/17/99 Cleaned up the images, added pics of stuff I want on the trading page.
08/14/99 Expanded the breadth of coverage to hopefully include Chaos, Imperial Guard, Eldar & home brew Space Marine armies. Some cosmetic changes.
08/05/99 Added the paint stripping blurb to the Modelling page.

Nope, the other page is dead.

The Ego Meter now reads

Adeptus Internautus

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