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  Children of the Night  

"What are we? The Damned childer of Caine? The grotesque lords of humanity? The pitiful wretches of eternal hell? We are vampires, and that is enough."

"I am vampire, and that is far more than enough. I am that which must be feared, worshipped and adored. The world is mine - now and forever."

Greetings my fellow Cainites, I hope that things have been as well for you as they have been for me.  I have seen and learned many wonderous things since the time of my embrace, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of the way that things used to be.  I can remember my last sunset like it was yesterday.  It was May 4, 1675.......there was snow on the ground and there had been a cloud overcast all day long......... Aproxmitately ten minutes before sunset, the sun broke through the clouds and I was able to watch the last crest to pass over the horizian.  

I knew of what was coming, I knew that I was to be embraced.  My Sire had told me.  I was mortal, but I knew of my Sire's gift and I was in her service, for I loved her..............  I took care of my Sire's estate and was charged with her protection during the day light hours.  She never took a fancy to ghouls and therefor never created such creatures.  I and my family guarded and served her first, and second came her brood.  She saw something within me, she saw the very essence of the Ventrue.  She obtained permission from the Prince for the embrace and told me of her intent.   That is why I was prepaired and watching for the sun, hoping to paint the picture within my memory to last for an eternity.

On Dec. 10, 1722, my Sire became Prince.  I aided her in all that she did, for I was her star Progeny and the only that she trusted.  The others argued over power, but I cared only to serve my love, my Sire. Together she and I made the City strong and united the Clans. There were no more wars between the Clans, we all worked together and by doing so, we all achieved our goals through peace.  Ventrue, Tremere, Gangrel, Toreador, Brujah, Ravnos, and Malkavian.... all working together, it was so wonderful.  Caine whould have been proud.   Then in 1801, Setites moved in.

The Setites were hungry for power, they tried to divided the Clans and turn them against one another. My Sire saw what was happening and fought to keep the Clans united and to keep the peace. On May 26, 1897, my sire went to meet the Setites Elder but the meeting turned out to be an ambush.  She went by herself, for I was representing her in Washington D.C at a meeting with other Ventrue Elders. While in D.C. I received message of what had transpired from a dear friend of mine, the Toreador Elder Logan Ashton, a member of the Primogen.  During the meeting with the Setites, my Sire, the Prince, had been set upon by 6 of them.  She was a powerful force to reckon with but the Setites had the advantage of surprise and numbers.  She destroyed three of them before they brought an end to her existance by Amaranth (or Diablerie for those of a newer age).  

Everyone morned the loss of my Sire, their Prince, everyone except the Setites that is.  They saw it as an opening for them to seize power.  They were counting on the Clans to become disorganized and expected that the unity between Clans would be destroyed without her guidance, but that did not happen.  The Primogen out of respect for the wishes for our late Prince, and knowing that there could be no other to lead them than the one whom she most trusted, made me Prince........  none opposed their decision.  The Blood Hunt was called upon the three Setites that survived the attack on my Sire, and their Elder was banished from the City with orders that if he ever returns, the hunt will be called upon him as-well.  The three Setites went into hiding but they would not escape justice!  Logan Ashton, Malik Hapsburg( a Caitiff that found acceptance here), and I tracked down the three and found justice for the unjust slaying of our Prince. The three got to taste the morning rays from the sun, before their bodies burst into flames.  Their Elder left without being told twice and to this day has not returned.  

The few remaining Setites have little to do with the rest of us.  The only reason that they were not destroyed or banished was that there was no proof that they played any part of the evil that was committed.  Still, they are watched by every Cainite that they come into contact with and it is rumered that they plan to leave my domain in search of a place where they will have more freedom to do as they wish.  Today, I rule as my Sire did......... with the interest and well-being of all Cainites in mind.  I could not do it by myself, but with the Primogen supporting me fully, we get much accomplished.  I am currently training my one and only Progeny in hopes that one day, when I am no longer, that she too will be able to continue in the ways that I have taught her, just as my Sire taught me.  She is very much like my Sire for I see the leadership qualities growing within her everyday.  I love her like no other that exists today, for she too is the very essence of the Ventrue.

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