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I'm running for California governor. Please visit for more information. Daniel Watts for governor! Lower student fees!


Hola! Como estas?

     I'm from San Jose, CA and my email address is

And believe me, Sega does suck! The Sega Saturn is gone! An archaic and dead system like the Genesis! Are you a Playstation obsessed nut? If you're not sure, here are the Top Ten Symptons for Playstation obsession! And hey: How about that Nintendo 64, eh? Are you as crazy about it as some people? Here are the Top Ten Symptoms you Play Nintendo 64 Too Much!

Which game system do you think's the best overall?Please consider everthing See what others thought. Click here.


Two years ago, I forsaw what was to come! Come, and SEE what I predicted! Wouldn't you like to know what came true? Visit my ALTERNATE FUTURE and find out!

    Have you ever played Super Mario RPG for the SNES? What a game. Unfortunately, SquareSoft, the company that created it, neglected to put the true story to the game in the instruction book. Learn the real story by reading my Interpretation of Super Mario RPG to find out!

Come on and learn about SILLY-L, an online "community" that's full of crazy people, including: Ernie, the President; Jasper/Casper, the sticky kid/director of Silly-L "Intelligence"; and Jerone, the hidden jerk.

Jerry Rice Archive
Bet ya didn't know I owned Yahoo, didja?
Archive of Hip Hop/Rap/R&B Lyrics

Throughout this website, you may click on the Clown-thing at the bottom of the page to return to this main section. That Clown-thing is actually the main character of the Sega Saturn game, "Nights into Dreams." Consider it a tribute to the now-dead system. This is where I keep my emulator/ROM stuff! Come on in!Personal Info about me is here.

cool people have visited my page since the day after Christmas. Dudes, sign my Guestbook! at my other page!


Hey! Click on the Crosswinds thing underneath and to the left to make people think my site is better than it actually is. Heh,heh, heh...those suckers.

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