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Araceli de Leon


Mexican Dubbing Actress, she became the spanish language seiyuu of SAILOR JUPITER.
Among other of her most remarkable dubbing works, appears "Shampoo" in Ranma 1/2 and "Starla" in the american cartoon of the same name. Among live-action series, her most recognizable works probably were her dubbings of Patricia Kalember's Georgie Reed in "Sisters" and Christine Lakin's Al Lambert in "Step by Step".


Disclaimer: Sailor Moon and its related topics are properties of Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, TOEI Animation & Ban-Dai. It´s US rights are awarded to DIC.

It's explotation in Mexico has been awarded to the following companies: Ban-Dai Mexico, TV Azteca (TV Broadcasting), Intertrack de México (Dubbing), Editorial Toukan (Comic and Activity Books), Editorial Vid (Original Manga), Editorial Navarrete-Perú (Collectible Albums) and some other companies I may forget.

This page is constructed in a completely AMATEUR basis (no money received for it) and tries to respect all of the legal rights of any holder in any way, so please don't sue me.
If you have any complaint about it, please E-MAIL_me (in english or spanish, its OK).

Milagros Tuchmetztli and any other character created in this page is a property of me. If you wish to use or quote them, please E-mail me in advance (Include your name, HomePage Name and URL, and a brief description of your project with them).
This webpage don't pretends, under any way or circumstance, to polemize or re-write the religious mythology or traditions of Mexico or any other country. It neither pretends to question or ridiculize in any manner those people or the science men dedicated to their study, the anthropoligists. This pages don´t pretends to be a scientific work or an attempt for a new cult (it would be stupid by me!). It simply evokes some elements of mexican prehispanic traditions to develop a new, and hopefully entertaining, Fanfic. If this site entertains its visitors, and can share a positive message in the process, as Sailor Moon did for me, it will have achieved its main goal.

Even when placed in existing geographical locations, all of the specific sites, characters, and situations described in this fanfic are ficticious. Any smiliarity with real persons or situations is a mere casualty.

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