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Welcome to Evangelion in OZ! This site focusses on the Australian side of the Evangelion phenomemon, detailing showing times, retailers, and release dates. There are of course a wide range of other sections in this site, including my very own Eva Starcraft Map. Thanks for dropping in, and don't forget to vote in the poll down below.


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Monday, 21st May, 2001

  • I'll try something new with this update. Instead of stating that its been a long time since the last one, how about I just get stuck into it? :)
  • I've just become a team member of a brand new Half Life mod - Evangelion Half Life! To see what we've done so far, run on over to Eva Mod now!
  • To celebrate Bubblegum Crisis 2040's introduction onto Australian TVs, I've decided to open up a new section of the forums devoted entirely to the anime! Go here for the forum.

Sunday, 1st April, 2001

  • G'day guys! Been a long time, hasn't it? Today's update isn't very big, but atleast it's better than nothing, yes? :)
  • According to Eva2000 , SBS will be showing the excellent Bubble Gum Crisis series. Starting on May 19th, the series will run until it finishes on November 10th. This is great news for the many of us who are craving another dose of weekly anime.
  • The Message Board is growing bigger and bigger each day. For the past week, we've been holding a contest to see which potential moderator is voted off the 'island'. The person who remains becomes our new moderator! Excitment galore!
  • I've finally updated the anime showing times down the bottom!

Wednesday, 24th Janurary, 2001

  • A new feature in the message boards!!! The EVA OTAKU CONTEST has begun. You reckon you know everything there is to know about Eva? Why not try to answer some of the questions that I am asking in the forums? If you win, you'll get you're very own custom title to use on the boards! You'll be the envy of everyone! Go check out Eva Otaku Contest #2 now!
  • WHAT?!?! Snapshot has been updated for the first time in 6 months???
  • Thanx to Casey, some more Eva name translations have been added to the translations page.
  • A ***NEW*** chat room has been opened! This one is also linked to many other Eva sites too, so, there's a greater chance of meeting someone in there!
  • Bad news from DarkParasite:
    "I also wanted to point out if you didn't know already, that SBS will probably not play the series again. I found this out when I emailed them regarding putting it back on tv and this is roughly what they told me. When they buy the rights to play a series, they can play it only twice, then they need to purchase the rights to it again. They also told me that it is very rare for them to purchase the rights to have a 3rd and 4th run on a series.
    Hopefully this isn't true, but if it is, then the only way to see Eva ever again if you don't own them already is to rent them from your local video store. Thanks to DarkParasite for the scoop.

Saturday, 6th Janurary, 2001

  • Oops. I did it again. I haven't updated for 5 weeks. Err, okay, well, onto the update....
  • The v3 of this site that I was talking about will no longer be.... instead, a new site will be created by a friend and I which will encompass not just Eva, but other animes released in Oz too... such titles as Samurai X, Gun Smith Cats, Ninja Scroll, Bubblegum Crisis and others will be given the same treatment that Eva has been given. The name? "ANIME IN OZ" of course! Expect that in the near future.
  • There's a great discussion happening over in the message boards. About SEELE's motives , it is well worth the look.
  • Wolfpak kindly pointed us towards a great Eva parody site - Eva Park. Check it out!
  • I've recieved a heck of a lot of email over the past month. I'll try to get through it all tomorrow.

Below are the times and dates for the animes currently showing on Australian television... please keep in mind that these times and dates are for Sydney, if you live elsewhere they may be different...

  • Bubble Gum Crisis, 8:30pm, SBS every Saturday from May 19.
  • Digimon, 7:00am, Channel 10 every weekday on CheezTV.
  • Pokemon, 7:30am, Channel 10 every weekday on CheezTV.
  • Dragon Ball Z, 8am, Channel 10 every weekday on CheezTV.

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