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Here is some info on Bao Han:

Birthday-Apirl 25,1973


Full Name-Phan Quoc Bao Han

High School Attended-Saint Ursula

Started Singing-At age 12

First Time Singing in Public-Christmas 1985,in Vienna,Austria.

Bao Han was discovered by Mrs.Thuy Nga at a fashion show 5 years ago and she have been singing for Trung Tam Thuy Nga ever since.

First CD-Dreams(It's a great CD,I gaurantee it) (I give it 2 thumbs up,way up!)

Bao Han moved to Vienna,Austria in 1975 and she is still living there.

Family-Bo Bao(Father),Me Lan(Mother),Bao Vo(Oldest Brother),Bao An(Oldest Sister),and last but not least the stunning Bao Han.

Zodiac Sign-Taurus

Bao Han is friends with Phi Phi.

Height-5"4" about 5"7" or 5"8" with her high heels



Fav.Food-Anything if she didn't have to be on a diet.

Most memorable performance-Mot Kiep Phong Ba(cause' she chose her clothes and ex...)

Fav.kind of music-Soul(She loves it to death.)

Fav.Thing to wear-Pajamas(But not in public)

Bao Han loves to dance

Bao Han enjoys collecting postcard from all over the world

You can also email Bao Han

Bao Han's Postal Address- Einwanggasse 17/1/1 1140 Vienna Austria-Europe

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