thebaglady's here......alive and well online......thebaglady's here......thebaglady's here......alive and well online...... thebaglady's here.......thebaglady's here......Wow!!

~Hi, The BagLady's~

Been here since July, 1998
Life online is still an adventure....
we Southerners like it slowwwwwwwwwwww...

My interests here are about:
Living in the South...
Breathing in the South...
Being Raised Southern...
Being Southern
~National and World Politics~
Freedom, Freedom of Speech, Civil Rights

This page is dedicated to the loving memory of
Missouri Lee

My Page Is About:
Southern Life and Culture
Some Redneck Road Facts-Of-Life
Tobacco Road Sex...Lies...Myths...
What's Happening in Washington??
What's Going Onnnn... ??

Somebody Voted... for BUSH???
(Have we been Bushwhacked???)

We Need A Hero
Re: PrettyPeople Disease

Madonna for President, August,1999

Stop Hate
Re: Sites On the Net

Earthangels in South Carolina
"Earthangels" Flying near Mullins...

Don't Pull My Chain...
Ring My Bell
(Will be Updated as You Write me)

The Infamous Lee Look, May,1999
Happy Mother's Day to Our Mammas

Mail-Order Husbands, May,1999

Southern Tunnel of Terror, March,1999

Letter To Men
Who Are Sending Me NASTY Emails


The Hungry Monster, Feb. 9,1999

Impeach or Not Impeach? Dec. 16,1998

The Stoning of William Jefferson Clinton
October 10,1998

Read this Soul Saga from my Bleeding Heart:
Get The Dixie Flag Down in Columbia,
South Carolina

Offsite, But Wonderful Essay!
"Falling In Love...Again" re: Cyber Love...

Emailing me is ok if it's for questions, answers, solutions,
sharing ideas and cultures, history buff comments.
Oh, foreigners are welcome to contribute too...
I kind of like New Yorkers and scalywag Rhode Islanders:
I know - pickypickypicky...

I am a member of
The HTML Writers Guild


"Oh, No, President Clinton..."


cartoons by maggieblue & blackflag, click here

MYTH: Everybody in the South drinks
out of paper cups.
FACT: Well, we prefer cut glass...

MYTH: Southerners talk slow and drawl...
FACT: People from Other Places have an accent...

MYTH: The South has the most beautiful women
in the world!
FACT: Yes, and the most sexy too...

MYTH: Southerners thought the Y2K-Bug was a virus...
FACT: No, we thought it was a Volkswagen !!!

MYTH: Liberal Southerners thought the DNA on
Monica's dress was Buddy's...
FACT: No, we thought it was a Right-Wing
Machiavellian prank...ur...plant...ah...duh???

Grandmamma said...all my excursions in the swamps were
to keep from shelling beans...

Grandmamma said...not to tell anybody I didn't have
a say he died somewhere...
(please send me your grandma stories and sayings-let's collect)

If you have comments,ideas or questions, please email me at

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Stand up and let your voice be heard, do not tollerate the hate inspired by racism.
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as of December 7, 1998. Miss you, Precious Friend!
Miss you forever.

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