My name is Becky Urban. I live in Vestal, New York, and go to Binghamton University. A hobby of mine is taking pictures. Here are some of my favorites, or they just found their way onto this page because I felt like it. Soon I hope to make the photos smaller so they will load quicker. There are a bunch of new photos that I have that I want to but up. I still haven't put any of my trip to Europe up, and have some from our local Ross Park Zoo and the Bronx zoo which I plan on putting up soon. There are also the increasing horsie pictures that I want to put up and some more of my dog and cat.

My e-mail is Chancess@hotmail.com
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Here are the pages with my pictures:
Updated Pictures of my dog, Scout
Horse Pictures
Pictures from National Parks
Pictures of the Ocean
Updated Sunsets and Sunrises
Pictures of Flowers
UpdatedVarious Trees
UpdatedPictures from the Nature Preserve
Geese in the Nature Preserve
Manipulated photos
More Horse Photos
Castle Garden Photos

NEW Pictures from Binghamton University's Green House
NEW Photos from South Wind Stables (some non horsie ones as well)
NEW Black and White Photos of Animals
NEW Black and White Photos of People
NEW Random Black and White Photos


I entered the photograph above (titled, An Emerald's Beauty)in a contest at Earth Image 2000: Search for the Ultimate Image of Earth. People who visit the site voted, and for the first month of the contest and mine was one of the 12 first round winners for the amateur division. hooray! Im a bit excited about that. :)

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