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I FINALLY HAVE THE GAME! ITS AWESOME! I got the Red and Blue Version!
This is my very own personel home page and I hope you'll like it.
This page was dedicated to Pokémon. I have Pokémon Cheats, Pokémon Walkthroughs,Pokémon Tools, etc.Special thanks to Nintendo Power, vgstategies.com,and a few other people.The most important person to thank though is you.

I would love it if you e-mailed me so please do.
Its pretty much done but I will still be updating it!
You are the th person to be here.
P.S. Move you're mouse over the word Pokemon and see what happens!


Bucket o' Cheats
The Toolbelt
Strategies and Maps
Weekly Pokémon
TMs and HMs
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