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Equine KnowledgeFest October 5, 2002 Starting at 9:00 a.m.

Tibbs Arabians Events 2002

Betty Tukey Dressage Clinics throughout the season.

Bonner County 4-H Demonstration Contest for Natalie and Alison in March.  Natalie takes top Intermediate Horse Demonstration and Top Overall Horse Demonstration.

Bonner County Horse Judging Contest in April.

Spokane Sport Horse Dressage Show for Laurie and Beau: May. This dynamic duo will be competing in training and first level.

Diablos Open Schooling Show judged by Barbara in Coeur d'Alene.

IEAHC Annual All Arabian Show in Spokane for Laurie and Chris, Barbara and April, Barbara and Telly. May 24 & 25. Click here for complete results from 2000.

IEAHC Memorial Day Classic Show in Spokane for Laurie and Chris, Barbara and April, Barbara and Telly:   May 26 & 27. Click here for complete results from 2000.

Tibbs Arabians Horsemanship Clinic presented by Barbara: June. Sign up for classes now going on!


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Other Local Activities From 2002 Season Included:

Sandpoint Saddle Club Open Horse Show in June. Laurie Shows Chris to top of his class in Western Pleasure Classes.

Spots of Fun Open Horse Show in July.

Boundary County Fair Horse Show in August. in Bonners Ferry.

Bonner County Fair Presentation, August 25, Sandpoint.

Bonner County Fair Horse Show in September



Tibbs Arabians is a family owned and run horse operation. Members of the Tibbs family have been involved in the horse industry in Bonner County for over fifty years and in the Arabian horse industry for almost forty years. Harold and Virginia Tibbs served as Bonner County 4-H leaders for over twenty-five years and Harold, a charter member of the Appaloosa Horse Club, distinguished himself in the National showring with foundation stallion Toby I by winning numerous National championships at the first National Appaloosa Horse Show held in Lewiston, Idaho.

Evolving from an Appaloosa breeding program in the 1940's and 50's, today's emphasis is in the training, showing, and enjoyment of Arabian and Half-Arabian horses by daughters Barbara and Laurie. In addition, the training and education of riders of all breeds in a wide variety of equine related disciplines is an important part of the daily operation. Both Laurie and Barbara have over fifteen years of experience as Bonner County 4-H leaders and now advise the youth members of the Emerald Empire Arabian Horse Club. They have also enjoyed success at the local, regional and national levels. Some of those successes included coaching a National Champion Youth Horse Bowl Team, A National Champion Youth Horse Judge, and three National Scholarship Award recipients and numerous National winners in youth horse judging.

In the showring Barbara and Laurie have racked up 4 U.S. and Canadian National Top Tens, 1 Regional Champion, 4 Regional Reserve Championships, 15 RegionalTop 5 Awards as well as over 100 Class A Championships and Reserve Championships.

All horses owned by Tibbs Arabians have been trained by Barbara and Laurie and were either born on the ranch or were purchased as yearlings or two-year-olds.

We converted an old, dairy barn into our cozy, ten stall stable.

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Delivering Oral Reasons (Horse Judging) updated 4/24/01
Skeletal Outline for Oral Reasons (Horse Judging) updated 4/23/01
Sample set of
Stock Seat Equitation Reasons (Horse Judging) updated 5/9/01
Sample set of Pleasure Driving Reasons (Horse Judging) updated 4/30/01
Sample set of Western Pleasure Reasons (Horse Judging) updated 4/
Stock Seat Equitation (Horse Judging)
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