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April 25, 2001! Hmmm, okay. I admit it. I'm a schlunk... The transition to a new server never happened, Geocities continued to toy with my account, and I lost my prefered Geocities URL... so now you're stuck with the lengthy "hard to remember" one.

Lots to say, but I'm exhausted... and have been running on empty for months. But I got a letter the other week from someone who has since canceled her account, and I thought I'd respond here, in case she's reading. So for Patti, here's the letter I dashed off, now with no place to go -- but it might be worth reading by others as well... ********

Analysis of Alexander-Moegerle's Accusations against James Dobson

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Welcome to Transcriptions, dedicated to the topic of Christianity and gender identity disorder (GID), also known as gender dysphoria.
The roots of Transcriptions began in Spring 1997, after I had been struggling for years to make sense of my life and determine what changes could/should be made for me to deal with GID and its ramifications.
My friends (online and otherwise) were well aware of the strong efforts I was making to reconcile GID with my philosophical/religious beliefs and the commitment I felt to my family. Although the dysphoria had been perpetual since childhood, things came to a head in 1995, where suddenly the desire to live as a female was overwhelming all other considerations and possibilities for happiness.
Summer 1997 involved more truth-seeking, emotional distress, and tons of prayer. Any attempt to transition toward female would weaken (if not destroy) my relationship with my family, who needed me male, but I was feeling progressively less certain about ever being content or fulfilled as a male. This dichotomy often left me broken and bitter, even while I was trying to reach the best conclusion. Only transition seemed to offer eventual happiness, albeit causing some short-term immense pain.
Remarkably, in September 1997, when things reached their lowest point, God decided to change my heart rather than provide an intellectual answer. He let me know that He wanted me personally to remain with my family as husband and father, and that He would give me the strength to do this, no matter how difficult it might seem. (For more details, see "Flowers for Sarah".) The answer was relieving, yet frightening all at once (as well as unique, since I'm not one to have an overt "religious experience".)
Why frightening? I have no idea of all the changes that this path will entail for me, and I constantly must deal with my desire to be female. However, God has been faithful to me and is helping me be content in my current role, living simply as myself. I am now in the process of integrating and become a complete -- rather than divided -- person. Ultimately, whatever gender itself might happen to be, I am simply me.


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Diary See what it's like to be Christian and dealing with gender dysphoria. Sometimes interesting, sometimes pretty painful. (But never normal!) Includes normal entries, as well as Flowers for Sarah.

Stumpers All the fun and challenging things a Christian gender dysphoric gets to think about! Want to see some study notes on Deut. 22:5 (the infamous crossdressing verse)? Hear whether some people believe sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) to be inevitable? Figure out whether GID is nature or nurture?
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