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Please note that Roy Accles died about 1am on Sunday, November 19th, 2006. This website is being maintained as a tribute to his on-line presense and the love that he had for the Transgendered Community. There will likely be no more updates..

My site is here to allow me to present three of my major interests and thereby let you know a bit about me and what is important to me. You will find information here about photography, sci-fi and a very special group of people that I have gotten to know over the last few years. These people are the TRANSGENDERED...those who express an aspect of themselves that others sometimes have a hard time accepting. They are persons born into male bodies that to some extent feel the need to present themselves in feminine mode. Some called TS's go as far as having gender reassignment, while others are content to dress in the clothes of the gender "opposite" that assigned by society. This is not a site for those with narrow minds or those legally underage in their enviorns. To both these groups, I say, your best bet is to either go elsewhere or simply stay out of the sections having to do with transgenderism. Thanks for listening. Now, those of you who are legal where you live AND have an open mind, here are links to the sections of my site. (smile).

Oh, but first, look at some pictures of me

VISIT Photography -fantasy woman woman welcomes you to the transgendered page-Transgendered

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