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    Pastel Eva - A Colorful New View of Evangelion
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    Pastel Eva - A Colorful New Look of Evangelion

    Pastel Eva - A Colorful New Look of Evangelion
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    This page is dedicated to the popular anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion, produced by Gainax. Before you start talking about how children in Japan had seizures because of cartoons, this is not that one. Don't believe me? Look up Pokemonor Pocket Monsters. For the offical site go to Pokemon.Com.    
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    The following synopsis is quoted by what's on the backs of all the Evangelion tapes produced by Gainax:    

    "It is the year A.D. 2015, a time in which the world is recovering from the melting of the Antarctic Polar Ice Cap--the planetwide catastrophe known as "Second Impact". Entities called "Angels" suddenly strike "Tokyo-3", a specially planned city under construction in the Hakone area. Their true identities and objectives are unknown. What is known is that they are challenging mankind to battle with an array of configurations and unusual powers. Mankind's only means of fighting back against these mysterious foes, the "Angels", is the "Multi-Purpose Humanoid Fighting Machine, EVANGELION". Ikari Shinji, the series's main character, is one of three young people chosen by NERV, a special agency directly attached to the United Nations, to be operators of EVANGELION. The battle which will determine mankind's fate has begun. What, in fact, are the "Angels"? What fate lies in store for these young people, and for mankind as a whole? Powerful action scenes. A thrilling story, with mysteries on top of mysteries. The troubles, conflicts, and emotional maturation, of young men and women. Dynamic developments. It all adds up to a hard-hitting anime drama."   

    I'll make my own up when I have time and not as lazy. =P   

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    Charector Pages   
         These pages describe each charector. There are a few spoilers involved, but they'll be pointed out along the way. Some of the charectors are very complex and are spoilers in themselves, so take heed to the warnings if you don't wanna spoil the mystery for yourself.   

    Episode Lists   
         This page just lists the episodes and synopsis of all the tapes of Evangelion. These would only include the first 10 or so volumes of Evangelion that have been dubbed into English. The reason being, I don't know Japanese, and only buy dubbed because then I don't have to get an eye sore from reading subtitles.   

    The Gallery   
         The gallery contains all pictures and scrumptious downloadables pertaining to Evangelion. Downloads include things like songs and hopefully videos and some screensavers and that sorta thing. This is the page you'll really need the fast modem and Pentium Processor or else you'll be sitting in your seat for quite a while.   

    Links Page   
         Get into Evangelion a bit? Or just not finding what you're looking for? Some helpful links and stuff to get ou what you're looking for.   

         Feedback and that stuff. Questions, comments and contributions welcome. Also, your URLs or web addresses can be linked and all if appropriate. And please don't annoy the crap outta me, the webmaster, by putting up messages just to see if they'll work 'cause frankly it wastes my time viewing it.   

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    Hi, my name is Janelle Thompson, and I'm the webmaster of this page. This page is being made on Netscape Composer. Anyway, I live in Maryland and am a sophmore in highschool. This webpage thing is a hobby and I helps me experiment with graphics work and stuff. I'll have a picture of me as soon as I get this years pictures back. I'm a big anime fan, and so far I've collected all but 4 tapes of Ranma 1/2, all of Tenchi Muyo and soon to have all the Evangelion. I have a bunch of Sailormoon cards, English and Japanese. I try to only buy dubbed because it's easier for me to watch for: if it was subbed I'd have to crane my neck from the computer or the phone to watch it, sometimes it hurts my eyes 'cause the subtitler sucked, and dubbed are cheaper and I'm cheap. Anyway, if anyone wants to trade or something... Email me.   
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    On 3/15/97, the Evangelion movie was released. I haven't seen it personally, although I'm like dying to. It's split up into two parts, Death and Rebirth. Death is a short version, a summary of the TV series. Rebirth is more of an epilogue helping to solve the unanswered questions of Evangelion. Can't tell you much more until I see it myself, sorry folks!   
    Movie Poster
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