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Torture History and Political Torture

Explore torture on the Web. This is NOT a complete listing of topics, only links to websites.

Links to torture history, mostly covering old torture equipment, the Inquisition, and witch hunting.
Visit torture exhibits in museums around the world; see old art Illuminations in France.

Links to modern day political torture categorized by country or groups. Includes human rights groups combating political torture.
Warning! = includes possibly disturbing images of torture. Do NOT view if you may be shocked by torture images.

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Torture History


Torture & Punishment Library formerly Urticus' History of Torture Warning! NEW URL 2-22
Exploring the History of Punishments and Tortures in Western Civilization: encyclopedia, links
Torture Museum  [new] 8-16 sexual(bdsm), government, medieval, books


Methods of Torture Cross & Skull TV Guide 10-94
Nuremberg Torture Collection Catalogue on eBay  [new] 2-22
Collection of Torture Instruments from The Royal Castle of Nuremberg ©1893
Ends Feb-25-00
http://www.christian.org/christian-torture/christian-torture.html - Torture & Torment of Christian Martyrs DEAD LINK 4-5 Warning! old woodcut images from the 1590s
Devices of Torture and other Old Time Punishments Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome
Historical Methods of Torture and Execution The Electric Chair.com and other methods of execution
http://madscience.com/~benway/torture/ DEAD LINK - Torture Just Ain't Nice Missing In Action a different view of torture devices
Torture and death penalty instruments
Instrumentos europeos de tortura y pena capital
Tijuana Cultural Center
El Centro Cultural Tijuana
traveling European exhibit 1983-86 also a book
http://www.johnrandall.com/dungeon1.htm - DEAD LINK 4-5 Torture Instruments
http://www.johnrandall.com/dungeon2.htm - DEAD LINK 4-5 Torture Devices being applied Warning!
Katharsis - Now a pay site
From a traveling wax museum show in Europe
also see above
Death & Torture Books - or 'ENTER CATALOG', select 'Atomic Books GENERAL Catalog', select 'Death & Torture' 1-26-00 Atomic Books Online Catalog
Yossie's handcuff collection pics and description of many restraints
http://www.nzp.com/0700torture.html - DEAD LINK - 4-5 The Torture Catapult The Catapult Museum Online
The Torture and Punishment Warning! The Burning Times
Stocks and Pillories NEW URL 4-5 Warning! historical punishments
http://www.ieway.com/~csukbr/nurem/nurem.html - DED LINK 4-5 Torture Engravings from The Royal Castle of Nuremberg  [new] 9-21 Warning!
http://iiiconfess.com/Medieval.html - Medieval interrogations - 6-29 Removed due to "linking directly to our server and/or taking images without giving credit to our copyright" Interviews & Interrogation Institute
Under The Lash: A Pictorial History of Flogging  [new] 4-30


55 Hours to Live-It's a Slow Death A Heretic's Final Journey
Inquisitorial torture session Medieval Source Book
Torture of Martyrs Religion / Hagiology
Curious Punishments of Bygone Days NEW URL 4-5 - also see Urticus History of Torture book on tortures inflicted by Church and State
http://www.trantex.fi/staff/heikkih/knights/dungeon.htm The Preceptory Dungeon - DEAD LINK 4-5 The demise of the Templars in France
Trial by Blood and Fire torture of the Templars
Olli's The Torquemada Page The concinnous Termites guide to 15 th Century Spain
mirror site
Atrocities of the Christian Church
The Last Great Inquisition!! The Reformation Online
http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~breu/inquisition/loftis/procedure.html Procedure of the Roman Inquisition - DEAD LINK Galileo and the Inquisition
Inquisition Museo el Solar - in Spanish
http://ccc.cs.byu.edu/~blood/spanish.html - DEAD LINK - The Spanish Inquisition Missing In Action by Jason L. Slade


The Tortures Joan's Witch Directory
Punishment, Torture, and Ordeal NEW URL 4-5 The Witching Hours by the ShanMonster
Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials of 1692
The Witch Hunts Ch 8, Dark Side of Christian History


Torture of Captives Warning! The JAPS Gallery
Pure Torture by Thomas N. Moe '75, a Vietnam War POW. Notre Dame Magazine


http://www.ntd.co.uk/southwark/london_dungeon The London Dungeon - DEAD LINK Southwark - London historic borough
http://www.io-ltd.com/london/attractions/index13.htm - DEAD LINK - The London Dungeon Middle Age museum, England
http://www.neo.com/Monk/SanFrancisco/Map/medieval.html - DEAD LINK - Medieval Dungeon Missing In Action Torture history museum, San Francisco
Museo del Congreso y de Sitio de la Santa Inquisición Inquisition Museum in Lima, Peru (in Spanish)
The Museum of the Guillotine Madame Guillotine Contents Page
The York Dungeon a perfectly horrible experience
Museum of Torture Medieval Times & Medieval Life Village, Orlando, Florida
Inverary Jail Museum torture & punishment exhibit, Oban, Scotland
The Witchery Tour Ghost & Gore; Murder & Mystery - Edinburgh, Scotland


Torture of Ganelon The Bibliothèque Nationale de France Illuminations
Torture of Pope Leo III The Bibliothèque Nationale de France Illuminations
Torture of Queen Brunhild The Bibliothèque Nationale de France Illuminations
Misc Listen to Cthulhu - Geschichte der Grausamkeit Warning! German site with links
Law enforcement in the past devoted to the ways and means by which the laws where enforced in the past

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Modern day political torture


About Torture Canadian Centre For Victims of Torture
History of Torture
Links to Torture & Human Rights
Torture Survivors Network
Political Torture readings The World Affairs Council of Northern California
Back on the Torture Trail Dispatches 13th March 1996
Just and Painful A Case for the Corporal Punishment of Criminals
12. Pain is not (Necessarily) Torture
soc.rights.human USENET newsgroup
Survivors International  [new] 8-18 Information About Torture and Treatment
Therapy or Torture? - Psychiatry Destroys Minds: Inflicting Pain by CCHR  [new] 8-18 electroshock therapy
World Stop Torture Now! Campaign
Torture/Ill-treatment Press Releases
Amnesty International
http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe/globehtml/146/Dispatch_from_world_of_torture.htm/ - DEAD LINK - Dispatch from world of torture Boston Globe Online - electro-shock torture weapons - This story ran on page D04 of the Boston Globe on 05/26/98


The Vanished Gallery disappeared persons in Argentina, 1976-1983


Torture in the camps for Serbs in the former Bosnia-Herzegovina Forensic medical and psychiatric aspects
Calling the Ghosts  [new] 8-15 Film Chronicles Suffering at Omarska Concentration Camp


Twenty Exemplary Cases torture by the Brazilian government and military police


Torture and Ill-Treatment of Prisoners China Human Rights Fact Sheet
Stop the torture of Chinese prisoners

East Timor

East Timor Torture East Timor Human Rights Centre
Indonesian military murderers Warning! Loro Sae - Timor Home Page
East Timor International Support Centre Warning!
East-Timor Information Pages Jota's place, includes many news items
ASIET Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor


Amnesty International Report on police violence
Rapport d'Amnesty International sur violence de police
from soc.rights.human 3-26


Sister Dianna Ortiz - Torture Survivor Guatemala 1996


Indoriots  [new] 8-15 Warning! Torture of Chinese women May 98


The Occupation of Kuwait: Legacy of Pain Warning! Missing in Action 9-21 Torture and Murder by Iraq 1990-91
Kashmir Kashmir Human Rights Warning! Kashmir Global Network


The Fujimori Regime's Reign of Terror Inhuman Prison Conditions & Torture in Peru


Torture of GurSikhs Warning! Sikh Sovereignty
Torture and Genocide of the Sikhs Warning! Khalistan Net


Torture of Tibetan women activists Nat'l Report on Tibetan Women Aug 95


The Torture of Women in Turkey Amnesty International USA Turkey Campaign
Torture Practices of the Turkish State (original?) Warning! Press Agency Ozgurluk
Torture Practices of the Turkish State (copy?) Warning! The Hellenic Nationalist Page
Turkey and the Rule of Law Human Rights in Turkey
Torture is used by police in a democratic country Missing In Action 3/98 more Human Rights in Turkey


School of the Americas Watch US Army School of Assassins
Declassify Torture Documents The 2MinuteActivist
US Training manuals Covert Action Quarterly
US companies leaders in manufacture of torture devices censored story #5
Shock Value Progressive Sept 97
Project Censored's Top 10 SF Bay Guardian 3-25-98
Weapons of Torture Time Magazine - April 6, 1998 - U.S. companies shipping stun guns to countries that practice torture
Father Roy: Inside the School of Assassins ITVS PBS Show Times Apr-Jun 98 - An Army school suspected of teaching torture.
Crime Charles Ng Serial (Torturer) Murderer Avoids Trial for 12 Years - Link now dead - old news item taken off server. 20/20 Jan 16 transcript
Charles Ng: Satan's Christmas Present To The World Tea Magazine
TV News Clip of Ng Trial Shocks Victim's Survivors - Video shows woman bound in chair - 98 Oct 28
Diary Exposes Details for Ng Trial - Alleged partner's entries reveal stalking, murder plans
Yahoo ! News Headline Search for Charles Ng  [new] 10-28
Serial Killerz  [new] 9-21 by Chilsta - big file - search using torture
Six-Pack of Death  [new] 9-21 Internet Crime Archives

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