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Professor Cope in his forties.

Information About Me

 Screen Name:    Jdhexen
 Member Name:    Jane P. Davidson Ph.D.
 Location:       Reno  Nevada  USA
 Occupation:     Historian Biographer of E. D. Cope
 Quote:          Read and learn all thee can. E.D.Cope

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Dino Russ's Lair

Dinosauria Online

PRI homepage Paleontological Research Institution

Below are some websites pertaining to paleontology research and collections. Enjoy!

A huge list of museum websites.

American Museum of Natural History

Paleonet page

University of Nevada, Reno homepage

Morrison formation page

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Here I am hugging (more or less) one of our beautiful redwoods.

Dinosaur Traces

Charles Sternberg

Dinosaur mailing list archives and lots more.

Royal Tyrrell Museum

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Looks better after I sat it back upright doesn't it?

New exhibit "Paper Dinosaurs" at Linda Hall Library Univ. Missouri, Kansas City

Here's a couple new sites to check out.!!

Jeff's Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology. Go here to see an image of the newly found feathered dinosaur from China.

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Elasmosaurus with his head in the right place ;-)

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Fossil sites and museums in western Colorado and eastern Utah.

Mike Keesey's newly designed dinosaur pages with many interesting things.

John Hutchinson's "dinolinks" page

Like that last list? Here's another.

Stanley Friesen's Master Dinosaur List

Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette

Dinofest 98 at Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia

John Francis's dino pages with all kindsa stuff!

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Here's another tree to hug.

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Yes, I know that O.C. found this fellow first, but isn't it a nice image anyway?

Darren Tanke of the Royal Tyrrell Museum's paleopathology page

Museum of Victoria's nifty website with all kinds of dinosauria including T. rex.

Online earth sciences resources

Francisco Goya Witches

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Jane P. Davidson.

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Vince's Park Paleontology page

Who Done It? Asteroid or What??

Dinosaur genera list (includes genera not presently considered to be dinosaurs)

Elasmo has his head on straight and Ed's has returned!!

Read about the reward at Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette

PaleoRing Problems page

Yale Peabody Museum

BSP Online Alpha homepage

BSP Online Alpha

Dinosaur Provincial (Alberta CA) Park

New Mexico Museum of Natural History Dinosaurs in New Mexico

Dinogeorge's Home Page

He's here. He's BIG.... read on ...

Gigantosaurus at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

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