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I give up. Between raising my sister's kids, work, school, sickness, and all else, I quit. So if there is anybody that still comes to this page, warning, it's no longer being updated. I'm not deleting it quite yet, because i still need to go through a good deal of the links that I might still use, but the only future changes I'm going to make to this page is the slow deletion of said page. I'm sorry.

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i inherited this webring-forgotten i had joined it, when i went to look up whether i was still in it it turned out i was the ONLY one in the ring!! The guy had purged himself from the system but had missed this ring. When i asked for the programming lines for the link he asked if i wanted the ring, i figured why not, so... ANYONE who would like to join please do.

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This is my guardian for the page: Clyde. I don't know what I'm going to do with him when I leave... maybe I'll have him guard my desktop.

I took the poll off a long time ago. I was going to put it back up, but since this is the first time I've updated the page in two years I guess I'm not going to, huh? The question was "Should alcohol be legal while marijuana is not?" The results were:
Definitly: 28% with 14 votes.
No way: 58% with 29 votes.
Hm...: 6% with 3 votes
I don't like to think about such things: 8% with 4 votes

Reptile's Realm A very good (and cute >;-) ) friend of mine's page...

Trent Reznor Another good friend of mine's page...who didn't bother to tell me he had one... One more thing...NO MORE SUGAR FOR YOU, DANNY...

Gargoyle's Homepage I don't really know this dude all that well, however, he is very cute and seems pretty cool from when I have talked to him... nice ass!

My Rocking Baseball Page Another good friend of mine's page...I don't really like baseball, but I wuv him so...

the Nu Sigma Homepage of Delta Sigma Pi Another friend...guess what, another guy!!

Badink's Christian Music Page Mark's page...I wuv him...though we disagree on a coupla things...

Suicidal Poets Guild Another guy...

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