Project Monster on the Cheap!

This page is dedicated to tracking progress on Ken P's project monster! Bought used and damaged from with 1950 miles was described as having "wheels bent, broken headlights, dings in tank".
Ken amended this description by listing the required parts to get this beast back on the road:
  • tank retaining strap
  • handle bars
  • kill switch housing
  • headlamp and chrome ring
  • fairing mounting screw (3mm head)
  • front brake lever
  • front turn signals
  • taillamp lens
  • license plateholder
  • turnsignal bracket
  • rear turn signals
  • rear fender (hugger)
  • left foot rest
  • rear wheel
    Here are some "before" pics as shown on

    This bike is on its way however, and will most likely be ready by spring! I'm donating a set of my "shorty" pipes to this project and hope they'll be a worth contribution to this Monster S! Go Ken!!
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