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"Lake Vincent"

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You already know my name, but let me tell you a little about myself... I was born in the Hartford area. My Sicilian upbringing helped produce an extremely sensitive, but Dominant individual with an uncanny imagination and the ability to put that imagination into fantastic use.

My preferences were turned to the D/s lifestyle at an early age and my only vent was to write about my fantasies to release the feelings. That seemed to be acceptable at first.... but the allure of the power of Domination and control took me over.I became the Master that I knew I was created to be.

Many have asked about my lifestyle, my preferences and my technique. A Loving Dom is like no other... To be with one.. would answer all the questions. Whips and chains are not the whole story of D/s... but they can enhance it greatly...

As time passed, my tastes matured as well. I found the perfection I sought was possible...and probable... and that perfection will always be the driving force for my Dominant desires. I will constantly strive to be the best Master that I can be... and I will make the Princess that I captivate as Perfect as God will allow her to be.... But HE will always be there to guide my hand.

Some things are more powerful than muscle, or even steel... The Power of FAITH can make anything possible.... If that faith is genuine... nothing can bring down your dreams. This Master found that faith in the least expected place... in the eyes and heart of a Goddess of submission... I wish every person who reads these words can say they found that faith some day... I further wish that every submissive tries to be as fantastic as the one that I call my Toy.

When you visit my friends, and their fantasy situations, think about your own... When did you last fulfill your wildest wishes?... Wouldn't you like to? Dreams and fantasies are what we are made of, to ignore them, is to ignore yourself. Explore with me... Sit by my Lake, and open your mind....

Make your own fantasies.... turn into realities with me ...

One final point.... NEVER allow ANYONE to diminish you with words of disrespect. Use your own best judgement to decide and rationalize. There are many in this lifestyle who are jealous of others and would spread false rumors to further their own ego. BEWARE of anyone who can't substantiate whatever they say. DO NOT be a follower unless you KNOW where you are headed by following.

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