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Roxanne - 12/15/00 02:43:24
My Email:ShadowedHrtsSoul
Male/female: female
Age: 45
City/State: Salt Lake City, Utah
Lifestyle Choice: straight submissive
Favorite Fantasy: hmm...do i have to say ? :X

Its been sometime since i have visted here, but as i know from long ago all the Master Vinc does, he does it with all he has. You are and always will be a dear and wonderful friend Sir, and you know i will always pop in to say hello when you least expect me :::smile:::

Master's Pet - 11/18/00 05:07:24
My Email:subprincess2u@aol.com
Male/female: female
Age: 34
Lifestyle Choice: Submissive
Favorite Fantasy: Strong bound control

Master.. I never dreamed you could be as wonderful as you were, until we touched, and you bound me tigthly. I was never so excited by that helplessness and complete domination. Your beard was the best "toy" you used on me. Thank you Sir.

Michelle...aka...Mikki - 10/08/00 11:58:47
My Email:MikkiItalbeauty@aol.com
Male/female: 100% woman
Age: 30
City/State: Cape Cod
Lifestyle Choice: submissive
Favorite Fantasy: for my Master's ears only

thank you Sir for the invitation to your wonderful site........

anna - 07/17/00 18:44:10
My URL:http://annawil@btinternet.com


MasterVinnie's_angel - 06/20/00 03:02:35
My Email:duhgirl2u@yahoo.com
Male/female: female
Age: 41
City/State: Kentucky
Lifestyle Choice: submissive
Favorite Fantasy: Bound, Blindfolded, and left to wait for this man that is to be her new Master.

MasterVinnie, I am moved with emotion each time I enter into your world. You are the most wonderful Master a slave could ever have. The kiss of your whip or the touch of your hands send thrills throughout my body. You are my Master, my Teacher, my lover, y friend. Thank you for touching my life.

CarolAnn - 03/27/00 00:06:13
My URL:http://hometown.aol.com/canweplay/myhomepage/index.html
My Email:Canweplay@aol.com
Age: 48
City/State: CT
Lifestyle Choice: BDSM
Favorite Fantasy: Priest seducing young woman who is in his office being chastized by him for misconduct by her in public.

I love the stories. Thank you so much for sharing this site with us. I will keep checking back to see what has been added.

CollarD 4 only U - 03/23/00 04:23:45
Male/female: Female
Age: 44
City/State: Murray/ Utah
Lifestyle Choice: Sub


iggy - 03/07/00 10:29:42
My URL:http://www.bigfoot.com/~iggyfiction
My Email:iggyfiction@bigfoot.com
Age: 27
Lifestyle Choice: Exhibitionism
Favorite Fantasy: Public nudity

very interesting site, loved the stories!!!

Randy(Styrling) - 02/12/00 09:45:49
My URL:http://hometown.aol.com/onemystwlf/myhomepage/index.html

Sorry about that Vinnie.Heres the address I promised.

Randy(Styrling) - 02/12/00 09:38:02
My Email:OneMystWlf@aol.com
Male/female: Male
Age: 33
City/State: Vernon/CT
Lifestyle Choice: Oral play with bountiful submissive womenn
Favorite Fantasy: To find the perfect submissive woman to share the rest of my life with.

Hey Vinnie.I Really like your site!Come check out my first attempt at a web page!Hope the collor and cuffs look good on the lady.Learned some new techniques while making them for you.Talk later.

Annie - 01/23/00 22:33:51
My Email:ann2u@hotmail.com
Male/female: female

Very nice page. Nice stories.

Donna - 01/13/00 06:10:08
My Email:AngelDon@hotmail.com
Male/female: female
Age: 29
City/State: Bridgeport, Ct
Lifestyle Choice: Submissive/slave
Favorite Fantasy: Held hostageby a powerful Dominant

Hi Master. I know you will remember that time we were together better tan I did. I only remember the way I felt the next day...

lightin - 09/03/99 23:07:05
My Email:micalyn@rocketmail.com
Age: 45
City/State: nc
Lifestyle Choice: submissive
Favorite Fantasy: *G*

Thanks for a enjoyable site, hope to see more in the future.

tony ciccariello - 06/13/99 07:57:17
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/nj/pineypoetry/page9.html
My Email:ajciii@hotmail.com
Male/female: male
Age: 36
City/State: jackson, nj. usa
Lifestyle Choice: straight
Favorite Fantasy: keanna, annabel chong, june lee, shawnee cates

enjoyed the page, liked it a great deal. tony

06/06/99 01:28:41
Name: ICQ Gal My URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me

Website de Nice. Agradecimentos para deixar-me assinar seu guestbook

Tanya - 05/21/99 23:01:38
My Email:tanyaalvarez@prodigy.net
Male/female: Female
Age: 30
City/State: Kansas City, Ks
Lifestyle Choice: submissive
Favorite Fantasy: public obedience, private obedience, obedience, obedience, obedience

Thank you for everything you do Master Vinnie.

Melanee - 05/13/99 16:28:53
My Email:Huny4Corri
Male/female: female
Age: 26
City/State: Eugene, Or
Lifestyle Choice: exploring my options as a bi sub
Favorite Fantasy: does there have to be only one

Dear Sir, May I please have the rest of the April In Autumn? I would like very much to finish the story... Thank You, Mel

laure - 03/02/99 19:18:42
My Email:ldelagra@ic.sunysb.edu
Male/female: female
Age: 28
City/State: longisland,NY
Lifestyle Choice: sub
Favorite Fantasy: total submission

hi finally stopped to check Your world out. kisses for You MasterVinnie

Samantha - 01/19/99 14:16:55
Age: 26
City/State: Coventry, Ct
Lifestyle Choice: submissive
Favorite Fantasy: Being bound, helpless, and being taken

Hi Vinnie, I've heard about you from a friend of mine, She said you were wonderful, maybe we can find out if she's right some day? Sam

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