Domination Cove

The Story of Princess “O”






It was half year into a very enchanting relationship. The Master was more than a little smitten with the beautiful creature he possessed so well. From the first time he had laid eyes oh her, she had became the focus of his life. From that point, he was only able to see her as the one he wanted to live with forever. But why Debra? Surely he had been with plenty of other women more willing to be “owned” as his slave. What was Master’s attraction to this one? The sea of submissives was free abundant for Master Vincent. He had only to reel in one any time he wanted to. And… that’s what he chose to do with Debra. 


Master Vincent was a man of intensity. He did nothing at “slow speed”. He sets his sights on something and goes for that with all he has. If that quest were something as spectacular as having Debra is, nothing would ever stop him from attaining his goal. And. nothing did. Perhaps she would have been better off just giving up any fight, she was “hooked” and in the boat long before she ever knew. 


Master Vincent had the highest standards of anyone he knew in the D/s lifestyle. He desired to be in control of a submissive woman, totally in control. His loving ways were tested and proven, then polished up to be as close to perfect as possible. If the sub was acceptable, those talents were heightened by his desires to make her even more sensitized to his loving domination. But he never allowed himself to let love interfere with his decision making processes. Domination could weaken under that situation. He also never used exterior look’s to determine if the sub was “worthy” to be a sub or not. Her inner submissive beauty was what he was after. Lesser Masters have overlooked many excellent subs, which was a true shame. Then Debra appeared.


Debra was a Princess on all counts. She had a slender build, nicely formed breasts, a very exquisite derrière, and she was absolutely gorgeous. Her strong points were her exceptional ability to smile at a blink of an eye; her wonderful personality, and. her ability to make everyone around her smile back. Debra’s beautiful blue eyes were Master Vincent’s downfall. He was caught in her magnificent spell after only one look into those eyes. He fell in love the moment those eyes looked back into his and signaled her desire back to him. The emotional roller coaster ride was started for them both.




Chapter One

The Drive to Domination Cove


The weeks flew by with emotions and stresses taking their toll on both Master and slave. The summer schedule was less stressful, but there were still issues that caused a headache to “pop up” all too often. Master thought it was time to get some well-deserved rest and recreation. Debra needed that more than anything herself. This was to be their first vacation together since they met seven months ago. Debra was to be off from her job for the summer. Master was always able to take time off for any reason he chose to, he was in control of his time. They both enjoyed the same interests in the “vanilla world” but they hadn’t had the chance to experience them together yet. The beach was one of the most desirable vacation spots for them, so the plan was to use a cabin in a nice secluded seashore area. Master found the perfect spot… and well named too… Domination Cove… for an entire week of Master and his slave… totally alone…


They were packed and were ready to depart for vacation early Saturday morning. The trip would take several hours, but that would be time well spent discussing the pleasures to be bestowed on the Master’s slave. Debra was due to be taken deeper into her submission, and Master wanted her to learn that his control over her won’t be disputed anymore. She fought the control hard as she could, but Master finally broke her barriers down. Debra was a spoiled one, but every bit the Princess that the Master wanted in his life. Her efforts were to be rewarded on this vacation. Her submission was to be honored, cherished, adored….  But also pushed to her limits.


They left at 700AM, early for some standards, but not for Debra. She would already have been to the gym for an hour and back on any given day. She was not one to stop her quest for anything she wanted. That might have been part of the reason she was so hard to collar and control in the first place. But the challenge was met and conquered by her Master. Debra sat quietly for the first half hour thinking about the two weeks of relaxation and play to look forward to. Master was already thinking of what he was going to set up for her the moment they arrived at the cabin. He mentally ran through the procedures as he did every time they previously sessioned. The big black leather toy bag was the first thing that would be removed from the van on their arrival. Inside that bag were the tools that would produce the magical sensations that Debra has grown to crave. The world of pleasure/pain in balance was hers to experience from her Loving Master.


Master watched her out of the corner of his eye. Her face was brightly beaming as she sat in the glow of the morning sunlight. Her eyes never looked more spectacular as they glimmered like blue diamonds. She had a look about her that would make the angriest person melt immediately. Master thought for a moment. Had he ever seen her angry? He has seen her annoyed several times, but that was more the feisty woman in her sneaking out. Anger didn’t have a place in this amazing creature. Debra glanced at her Master and her face exploded in the innocent beauty that only the purest if hearts could provide.  Master looked at her with loving eyes, wishing he were holding her instead of the van’s steering wheel.


Typically, about an hour into the trip, Debra had to use the women’s rest room. It must be something in the women’s anatomy that causes them to need to “go” after a given amount of time in a vehicle. Why can men hold it for hour after hour? There wasn’t any hurry to get to where they were going, so Master decided to get off at the next highway rest area. He looked over to his squirming slave and smiled at her. Her shapely legs were crossed and her thighs were tightly squeezed together. She was wearing the shortest of shorts and a white button-up blouse. She wore a white bra under that blouse to hide her luscious nipples, her downfall when Master wished to gain the advantage on her arousal. The whiteness of her blouse brought out the coloring of her skin even more than normal. She really hasn’t been in the sun long enough. Her tan was very minimal but she still looked fantastic. The thought about her breaking the rules about having her legs crossed in his presence came to mind…  and he pondered that for a moment. Debra knew better than that. But maybe that was her feisty way of testing Master? The rest area was up ahead a few more miles….


Lots of things were suddenly going through the Master’s head while he drove toward the rest stop. It took over seven months to get to this point in his relationship with Debra. Seven months of fantastic sessions, days of doubt, nights of fun times and times of total frustration… But the Master would not trade any of them away for anything. He found himself doing things for his betterment, without thinking of anything but a possible future with his adored slave. His weight dove down in record time, the goal he set was impossible…  but he was successful. Then he decided to go further than he thought possible so there would not be any hesitation in her eyes when she looked at him. Debra was transforming him in many ways to her liking and the Master took that as the ultimate sign that she wanted him in her life as well…. So he quit smoking, he started to trim his beard to suit her; he even started to dress differently for her. But those things would Never to be considered “subbing” to her… they were enhancements for their future together. They were making the relationship more attractive to her too. She needed the extra “push” to commit to her Master totally.


Debra had been collared slightly over five months ago. She held off making that commitment as long as she could to hold onto that last barrier between her submission and total vulnerability. But she still had blocks up after that. She had trouble losing her control to anyone. She was going to fight to keep herself from giving it away easily. Submission is defined in many ways, but the word “surrender” seems to have the best meaning here. She was NOT ready to surrender to anyone and her defensive mechanisms challenged all that tried to wear her down. But that was before she ran across an imposing force such as the Master. HE had the power to confront her, and win her. The fight would soon be out of her completely.


Enough about the past… the rest area was just ahead… Debra’s squirming was beginning to get fierce. Master smiled, understanding her anxiety and discomfort. But he already had a devious look in his eye as he glanced away from her. He pulled into the rest area parking lot and turned the van’s engine off. Debra went for the door handle. But Master stopped her and gave her an evil looking grin. He told her what he had in mind.


“Debra. When you go into that rest room to do your freshening up I want you to remove you bra before you return. And you better not be wearing panties.” Master ordered.


“Yes Master. As you wish….” Debra answered in her most respectful tone.


That was a standing rule with the Master; She was never to wear panties while with him. But she has been wearing a bra a lot more recently. Her nipples have been too prominently visible which embarrassed her very much. That won’t be a concern the next two weeks. She won’t need to wear much at all. Master waited in the van, contemplating what he was going to with her when they arrived at the cottage. They haven’t sessioned for three days, and that wasn’t the best day at that. Her mood was a little glum from all the pressures she was being put through from all sides. Including the Master. That was the main reason for this vacation in the first place.


Debra returned shortly. She was moving quickly toward the van, trying to cover herself with her arms as she walked briskly. When she entered the van, Master saw the problem. The blouse was a lot sheerer than he had thought, and the fact that she was ordered to remove her bra must have aroused her, as her nipples were sticking out far and were very visible. The sight was very hot. Master smiled as he took another look at his cherished one, and he started the van’s engine to get back onto the highway without saying a word. He kept his eyes looking directly ahead, knowing her face was radiating her arousal, and her eyes were looking to burn a hole in his composure.


Once on the highway, the game was to begin. Master was going to play. His “Prey” was going to start her vacation on a hot note. About five minutes passed without a word. Up ahead the traffic was beginning to thicken with many tractor-trailer trucks hogging the lanes. Master’s face took on a devilish look as he turned to Debra and issued her his first command.


“Debra… remove your shorts, NOW! “ he told her in a stern voice.



The fun is just beginning…. As is this story…. The book will be published in its entirety soon. Pre-publication requests for signed copies will be considered Drop either Debra or Master Vincent a line.

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