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Links to Websites in and around the Hartford Connecticut area that have a wide variety of Leather/fetish gear.

This page will grow as more D/s orientated shops are checked out. Master Vinnie is out shopping for a gift for a very special slave..... UMMMmmm .... Should he get her a leather collar or a suede one? How would she look in Velvet?

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The Lingerie Shoppe........This shop is a little further out in Worcester Mass, but Carol Henry the owner promised to deduct a 10% discount to anyone saying they heard of her Shop from Master Vincent....There isn't a website yet, but that will come eventually. Her shop is loaded with great leather and D/s play outfits and many other lines of very sexy lingerie... All you Dom's out there should Go get your subbie something special .. They deserve it... I did....

The Lingerie Shoppe
228 Chandler Street
Worcester, MA 01010

Hot Leathers........I've known Rick a long time, more than I like to admit, but he has the nicest selection of leather around.. His co-worker Randy, is one of the most talented leather craftsman around. He made me a few great leather bracelets for my slave, that she loved very much.

VIP Inc. (Very Intimate Pleasures)........Gary has quite a store here. The biggest adult pleasure shop I have ever seen. You can get just about anything here for your most intimate sessions, and more than you ever even thought of...

The Water Hole........Mike has been a friend for awhile. His leather goods are fantastic. You can ask a few of the subs that have felt his floggers "bite".. a few are on this site.

The D/s Toy Chest........Greg has an excellent store here. Master's? You will find that gift you've been promising your slave here.... Ask Shannon to help you out.

The Leather Harvest ........Roy showed me his great assortment. That classy black velvet collar was just what I was looking for

Here's the one the Master picked out for his special slave.

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