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You have arrived at a Transgendered, Home page. If this is, in any way offensive to you, please excuse yourself and vacate this address.
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LAST UPDATED October 6, 2008

Consider this as a guide and introduction to the wonderful world of Transgendered living. Enjoy, and believe that this is real and not a choice. Accept the differences that people have, we all share this planet.

Best wishes to all

This is a Site for "The Learning and Understanding of The T-Girl Way of Life"
Jennifer/ one of Heidi's little sisters

My name is Heidi, I am a T-Girl, which means I have chosen to live parts of my life as a girl. This choice is the result of deep subconcious desires reaching paramount perportions. My life has been so much richer and much more livable, now that I have allowed this part of myself to be manifested. I have made many new friends in the Transgender Community, and have learned to accept this part of myself as being quite normal. My happiness and fulfillment, have made my life much more productive. I have faced challenges and obstacles, that I have conquered easily, armed with the courage I have gathered within. These accomplishments have made me become the sum of all my parts, a better person. Sincerely Heidi.

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