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*NOTE TO THE BAND: This is our way of trying to say thank you for being so awesome to your fans. You go out of your way to show respect and appreacition to the fans no matter what. For that we will be forever greatful.*

Wildchild & Nae

Now... ROCK 'N' SCROLL!!!!


Band Bio's
(Think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about the band? Check out the Bio's submitted by the band members themselves!)

------- Sebastian Bach
------- Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell
------- Paul Crook -
--------Richie Scarlet
------- Jimmy Flemion


Bach & Friends E-Cards
(Finally! you can have Bach and Friends for every occasion with your personalized Bach & Friends E-Cards!)

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(Some of the awesome stuff I have collected durring the 99 - 00 tour.) * I hope to be adding pics of the rest of my Bach collection soon!*

------- Wild's Stuff


Nae's "Band" Stories
(A glimpse into the wonderful world of "Nae"!)

------- Part 1 "Sweat In My Eye.."
------- Part 2 Nh. Dec 9, 99


Wildchild's "Band" Stories
--------(Come with me on the journey of a LIFETIME!)

------- Part 1 Nh. Dec 9, 99
------- Part 2. Mo. Feb 24, 00
------- Part 3 Ky, May 5, 00
------ The "Youth Gone Wild" *Photos of Wildchild & Da' Band*


Photo Album
(Over 30 pages contaning 300+ Photos of the band for your "freakish" viewing Pleasure!)

------- Got photos you would like to add? Submit them here!
------- Sebastian Bach Page 1
------- Sebastian Bach Page 2
------- Sebastian Bach Page 3
------- Sebastian Bach Page 4
------- Sebastian Bach Page 5
------- Sebastian Bach Page 6
------- Sebastian Bach Page 7
------- Sebastian Bach Page 8
------- Sebastian Bach Page 9
------- Sebastian Bach Page 10
------- Sebastian Bach Page 11
------- Sebastian Bach Page 12
(The Following "Sebastian Pages" are older photos taken from mags ect.)
------- Sebastian Bach Page 13
------- Sebastian Bach Page 14
------- Sebastian Bach Page 15
------- Sebastian Bach Page 16
------- Sebastian Bach Page 17
------- Sebastian Bach Page 18
------- Sebastian Bach Page 19
------- Sebastian Bach Page 20
------- Sebastian Bach Page 21
------- Sebastian Bach Page 22
------- Sebastian Bach Page 23
------- Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell Page 1
------- Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell Page 2
------- Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell Page 3
------- Paul Crook Page 1
------- Paul Crook Page 2
------- Paul Crook Page 3
------- Richie Scarlet Page 1
------- Richie Scarlet Page 2
------- Richie Scarlet Page 3
------- Larry Page 1
------- Larry Page 2
------- Jimmy Page 1


Bring 'Em Bach Alive
------- Album Information
------- Album Credits

--------------------- Lyrics
~~~"Can you feel it getting stronger everyday? Turn it louder! Can't get no kick if you got no soul, I'll never turn my back on Rock 'N' Roll!"~~~

------- Blasphemer
------- Counterpunch
------- Done Bleeding
------- Most Powerful Man In The World
------- (I'll never turn my back on) Rock 'n' Roll
------- Superjerk, Superstar, Supertears

----------- Requests
(Here is where you can show your support for the MUSIC! We posted all the links for you so it couldn't be eaiser! Click the link below to request songs off BEBA on your local radio stations! Want to see more Bach & Friends in your favorite mags? Click the Magazine requests to e-mail your favorite editor!)

------- Radio Requests
------- Magazine Requests
-------European Support


Band Interviews
(We have been lucky enough to get interviews with some of the band members. They were kind enough to answer fan questions and shed a little light on what makes them tick both as people and musicians. *Interviews conducted by Nae and Wildchild*)

------- Paul Crook Sept. 2000
------- Jimmy Flemion 99
------- Mark "Bam Bam" McConnell 98


Dreams Come True!
(The following are Fan stories about getting to meet the band! For those of you who haven't gotten to meet them yet.. never give up hope. Dreams really can come true.)

------- Submit your story!
------- Jeannie's Dream
------- Leah's Dream
------- Ginger's Dream
------- Sky's Dream
------- Laura's Dream
------- Stacey's Dream
------- Jerell's Dream
------- Roger's Dream
------- Jenna's Dream


Tour Reviews

------- Submit your tour Review!
------- 1999-2000 Tour Reviews
------- 1997-1998 Tour Reviews


Screen Savers
(Click the buttons below & download the screen savers. Unzip them, click on the slideshow32.exe file then install. When you install it go to your screensaver settings and chose it from you screensavers list! Enjoy!)

**note: If you want to view the screen saver before installing it you can hit try instead of install then hit the play button on the bottom of the box**

------ Jekyll & Hyde Screen Saver
------ Jekyll & Hyde Screen Saver 2 *This one is made using my graphics*
------ Sebastian Screen Saver
------ Bam Bam Screen Saver
------ Paul Screen Saver
------ Richie Screen Saver
------ Larry Screen Saver


Jekyll & Hyde
(Our favorite front man streaches his wings on his Broadway debut "Jekyll & Hyde"! *Sebastian played the lead from June 13th to Oct 15, 2000*)

------ Articles on Sebastian as Jekyll & Hyde
------ Fan Reviews Of Jekyll & Hyde
------ Submit A Review
------ Snakecharm's Jekyll & Hyde Site!
------ Other Pages About Jekyll & Hyde


(Art, stories and graphics of / about Bach & Friends submited by fans!)

------ Submit Your Stories, Art & Graphics Here!
------ Art Gallery
------ Story Teller's Corner
------ Graphic's Gallery


Fan Club Comic
(Comic concept: Nae & Wildchild, Story line: Wildchild & Nae, Art: Drawn by Debra *aka shadowwolf* Color by Wildchild & Nae)

Story 1 "The Legacy Of Balthazar"
------ Issue 1
------ Issue 2
------ Issue 3


Articles & Interviews
(Read all the articles and Interviews I could find on the net by & about the band!)

------ Have an interview you think should be on here? Submit it now!
------ Articles and Interviews


Wall Of Fans
------ Become a part of the BACH WALL OF FANS
------ View the Wall


What Sebastian Bach Means To Me
( I asked this question a while back on Baz-a-holic's and I was floored by the responses I got. So much so that I decided to ask the question again and put the Responses on the web page. Hopefully we as fans can convey to Sebastian what he and his music really mean to us!)

------ Want to add your story to this page!? Submit it here!
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Wildchild
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Seppe
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Shari
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Laurie
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Babyblue/Michelle
------ What Sebastian Means To Me By: Hellen


Baz-A-Holic's Anonymous
(Baz-a-holic's is a mailing list that is over 120 members strong! We discuss the current news and events of the band, share stories of meeting the guys & seeing shows!)

------ Join Now!


Opinion Page
(Got something you wanna say about Bach & Friends or the music? Here's the place to say it! Voice your opinion now! *Note: No violent slamming of anyone or anything.. if you have a negative opinion that's cool but I will NOT take total bullshit comments!*)

------ Submit your opinion!
------ View Opinion Page


------ Albums & Videos
------ Bach Bands


The Quotable Sebastian Bach
------ Don't See Your Favorite Bas Quote on here? Submit it now!
------ Bach Quotes


Band Members OFFICIAL Webpages!
------ SebastianBach.com (SWEB)
------ BamBamWeb
------ Paul Crook Is METAL!!
------ Richie Scarlet


------ View
------ Sign
------ Old guestbook entries


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