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Welcome to My TF:TM Site

This site has everything to do with Transformers: The Movie and more! Theres pictures, movie clips, sound files, comic scans, and you can even download the actual SOUNDTRACK from TF:TM!!!

Site log:

12/22/00: Page revamped and rebuilt from original site. MUCH COOLER!

12/23/00: Finished Transformers Pics page, and some of Links Page. Uploaded new pages to net.

12/23/00: Finished other pages, but files not uploaded yet.

1/10/01: Fixed links on Comic Scans Page.

1/10/01: Fixed cut and paste html codes for banners on link page.

1/11/01: Added some webrings to links page.

1/11/01: Started my own web ring.

1/12/01: Uploaded movie clips to site.

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