Hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I do.
This is my breyers stallion
fighting a mean lion.
Come see
my new
SOLD, but can still view.
This is a mare & foal made from barbwire,
found in front of the High Desert Museum
in Bend, Oregon.
A picture of my house with
the most snow we've ever
had in 10 yrs.
These horses are made of marble
and are life size.  Found at mall in
This is the first horse
trailer I ever owned.
Klaus, our 5 yr. old male
rotweiller, that we
have now.
Scooter(black) & Sassy(tan), offspring
of Babe with black poodle for a father.
They both died at a ripe old age.
Babe, the most precious dog
I have ever owned in my life.
Cowpie, another chat buddy.
Also a very nice lady.
She's on the right.
Here I'm standing on the Cinder Cone
at Mt. Lassen National Park in
Northern California, overlooking
the painted hills.
Chance, one of my chat
buddies.  Very nice lady.
She's on the right.  I'm
on the left.
Saddle, my best friend
riding partner.
Riding friend's horse on a
mule ride several years ago.
Templar, lady
from W. Va.
She's on the
Lady I ride
with in Chico.
My mustang and I about
18 months after I bought him.
I live 10 miles
north of this town.
My little friend down the road
and her dressage horse.
This is a pic of a
long lost friend.
Hope someone
knows her.
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